Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Set to Make a Splash This Fall

It’s 2019, and beverage companies can finally make a splash in the cannabis industry. “Splash,” of course, meaning they will have to very cautiously follow regulations and policies regarding the distribution of cannabis-infused beverages. Currently, many of the drinks are strictly limited to Canada or specific States in the US, and no company wants to try bending the rules and follow in the footsteps of CannTrust.

Here are a variety of THC or CBD infused beverages that will be hitting the market soon (or are currently available).

Molson Coors Brewing Company is one of the most high-profile alcoholic beverage companies around, and with their recent partnership with HEXO Group,  they could be poised to achieve even greater heights. The Molson-HEXO collaboration which formed Truss was announced last year, and their plan is to offer a selection of non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused drinks to the Canadian market when legalization 2.0 arrives this coming October.

Valens and Iconic White Label Cannabis Infused Beverages
Valens and Iconic White Label Cannabis Infused Beverages

Valens GroWorks has entered into a five-year, white-label, cannabis-infused beverage contract with the new cannabis division of Iconic Brewing. Under the white label agreement, Valens will provide high-quality extracts and formulation services for its cannabis-infused beverages, and Iconic will be handling all branding and marketing for the drink across Canada. Iconic Brewing was founded in 2013, and has made an impact in the beverage industry with its most recent drink, Cottage Springs Vodka Soda.

Colorado-based, Coors Distributing Company announced on September 18, 2019, that they will soon begin distributing CBD-infused beverages under the name: Sparkling CBD.

The CBD drink has five sparkling soda flavours available for online purchase – black cherry, cola, ginger ale, lemonade and root beer. All of Sparking CBD’s drinks are non-GMO, gluten-free, sodium free, free of preservatives,  contain no sugars and are vegan-friendly.

Arizona Beverage Company and Dixie Brands have signed a licensing deal to create a line of cannabis-infused beverages. While numerous states have legalized cannabis, it is still prohibited on a federal level to sell in grey-areas. This complicates the partnership slightly, since cannabis (and cannabis-infused drinks) can not travel across state lines.

Dixie and Arizona Sign Licensing Deal
Dixie and Arizona Sign Licensing Deal

Under the agreement, Dixie will manufacture the products in each state where they are to be sold and then distribute the product through licensed dispensaries.

Just under one month ago, Two Roots Brewing Co.™ announced its mainstream retail launch for adding non-alcoholic craft beers in BevMo! stores within California.

Two Roots Brewing Co. is expanding its reach beyond the cannabis market, becoming the first company worldwide to offer a drink that hits on three key channels – alcohol, non-alcoholic, and cannabis-infused.

For consumers searching for more of a beer-drinking experience, Hi-Fi Hops is currently on the market and provides a more hoppy tasting sparkling water infused with cannabis. It’s a non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, zero-carb, gluten-free beverage that’s dry-hopped like a beer. They use local varietals from the Yakima Valley, WA.  It’s currently available in legal dispensaries throughout California and Colorado state.