Metabolism: Cannabis May Help With Weight Loss

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine suggested that cannabis smokers are skinnier than the average person. They also have healthier metabolisms and better reactions to sugars.

Many people are becoming aware and educated on the multiple benefits and advantages of cannabinoids and THC level. Cannabis consumption allows for lower resistance to insulin. Consuming medical cannabis also facilitates functions related to metabolism and it also helps to improve fasting insulin. Cannabis metabolism and weight loss is an important topic for many cannabis users.

The Insulin Hormone

The pancreas creates the hormone insulin. With insulin, the body uses up glucose or sugar from carbohydrates found in energy-rich foods. On the other hand, the glucose can be stored in the body for the future. In addition, insulin is helpful in keeping the level of blood sugar from increasing or getting low. For example, when eating a meal, the body’s blood glucose level goes up fast. As a result, the insulin secretion will increase to compensate and the excess insulin will be stored as fat. If too much blood glucose is not used, you will definitely gain some weight.

The Study

The metabolic system. Via HERB

The American Journal of Medicine published a study and discovered that cannabis enthusiasts have insulin in their bodies prior to eating. This is called fasting insulin, and in comparison to people who do not consume cannabis, the levels are about sixteen percent lower. The same study also indicated that people who consumed cannabis had a seventeen percent level of insulin resistance.

The researchers of this study discovered that there is a strong correlation between a small waist circumference and the use of medical marijuana. However, CDB was also found to handle certain issues that would be conducive to weight loss. It allowed simulates proteins to break down fat and burn more calories. In addition, it decreases protein expression in generating fat cells.

Furthermore, the results of the research study stem from CBD capability to induce the conversion of white adipose fat tissue. This stores energy in the brown and beige adipose fat tissue in order to burn calories. As a result, when the brown and beige fat is boosted, the body is able to tolerate glucose, affording resistance to diabetes and obesity.

The Future of Metabolism

In the medical community, it shouldn’t be news that the humans store THC in the body, which is the primary cannabis psychoactive in fat. The storage process of THC already in the body can provide a boost to people who work out every day, in addition to cannabis consumption. In fact, the boost can go up to twenty-eight days after cannabis consumption.

So, as medical cannabis helps the body to burn fat, the THC already in the body is released and goes into the bloodstream. When medical cannabis consumption is added, it also has the same effect. In addition, when the two meet within the bloodstream, the THC blood level will increase. Even after completing a moderate workout program. For that reason, with continued exercise and medical cannabis consumption, the goal of weight loss is more realized.