Cannabis Tinctures Are Now Back with Legalization

Cannabis tinctures are potions of cannabis in an alcohol base.  The same alcohol we drink cannabis enthusiasts use to extract THC. There was a long history of using cannabis tinctures, especially for medical purposes. The first known users of cannabis tinctures in the West were in the Roman Empire.  Dr. Walter O Shaughnessy wrote the book On the Preparations of Indian Hemp, or Gunjah, which popularized the use of cannabis tinctures in the West.  Dr. O’ Shaughnessy had learned about the preparations and how Hindus used cannabis tinctures for medical purposes in India.

The Medical profession used cannabis tinctures in the West until the 1930s.  For those not wishing to smoke (and individuals unable to smoke due to medical reasons) cannabis tinctures are a great way to take both medical and recreational cannabis.  They are bought or made at home. Of course, legal businesses with more equipment and access to a wide variety of cannabis make more sophisticated and better cannabis tinctures.

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures at Home  

Making Cannabis Tinctures at home is comparatively easy.  One basically has to cook one’s flower to decarboxylate the THC, and then grind the cooked up flower.  The cannabis should be put in a pan, covered with aluminum foil, and baked at 230 degrees for 110 minutes.  Another option is to microwave the flower.  One should grind it up, moisten it enough to ensure it doesn’t burn, place in a microwave-safe container and microwave the flower for a few minutes.  One puts it in high proof alcohol and lets it soak for a few weeks. The solution should be shaken every day, and after a few weeks, one needs to strain the solution and then bottle it.  One uses the tincture whenever one wants to.

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Any oral ingestion of cannabis is much stronger than simply smoking it.  A lot of the THC escapes into the air when one smokes. When one consumes directly, the THC cannot escape.  One has to start out slowly with cannabis tinctures. The tincture is placed under the tongue, and the THC is absorbed through the mouth.  It’s best to start out with 1ml of the tincture.  If one likes the effects, then that’s good enough.  If not move up to 2ml. Slowly work up to higher doses, keeping in mind this high will last longer than simply smoking weed.

How much one needs likely also depends on the THC content of the flower, so the bud determines the quality of the tincture.  Enthusiasts place the tincture in whatever foods they want to.  Or they add them to the beverage of their choice.  If one is adding tincture to food, one can obviously be a bit flexible with the dosing.  But clearly don’t put the whole bottle in some food you’re going to eat in one meal.

Medical Uses of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures vary in quality, and if one needs a high CBD tincture one can prepare one or buy one.  Depending on the effects a user desires, and the condition treated one can prep or buy a high CBD tincture.  High CBD tinctures are used to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, vomiting, and other conditions.  For serious conditions, one may wish to consult one’s doctor on whether a cannabis tincture is appropriate and on what dosage of either THC or CBD or both are needed to effectively treat.  As researchers develop cannabinoids into FDA approved medicines, the importance of consulting a medical provider cannot be underestimated.

Cbd tincture
Sale of Cannabis Tinctures

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for weeks to make your own tinctures, you can simply buy them.  Buying has the advantage of convenience.  Not only does the online store deliver the product to your door, but the cannabis user also saves time and does not have to mix things or clean up after. Experienced makers accurately test the THC to CBD ratio. This is important for both recreational and medical users, as users know the effect of the tincture one is purchasing.

A number of Canadian online stores sell cannabis tinctures nationally. American cannabis tincture is not as developed as the national government in the US has not legalized cannabis.  Only certain states have. One generally must buy cannabis tinctures from one’s licensed dispensary in the state where one lives, assuming it’s legal there. Of course, purchased cannabis tinctures can be placed in any food to make edibles, the same as homemade cannabis tinctures.

Tinctures Based in Other Solvents

Of course, there are other liquids that can be used to make tinctures or potions.  Vinegar dissolves cannabinoids. One simply places the cannabis in vinegar and seals the container.  Shake repeatedly over two weeks, and strain. Cannabis enthusiasts use this cannabis-infused vinegar as a flavoring for cooking.  Oil-based tinctures can be made quite easily. The simplest way is to put a gram of bud in a microwave safe container with a liquid cooking oil.  Microwave the cannabis for a few minutes.  The heat will activate the THC. Then use the cannabis-infused oil in any food you cook, or place in a blender and make a smoothie.  Cannabis businesses also sell various cannabis oil products with varying levels of THC and CBD.

Alternatively, one could put oil in a pot, place a gram of cannabis in the oil and let the cannabis simmer for a few minutes for the same effect. One can even use food-grade vegetable glycerin to make a cannabis tincture by placing cannabis and glycerin in a mason jar, placing it in a slow cooker, and letting it cook for 24 hours.  Of course one can purchase both vinegar and glycerin cannabis tinctures as well.  Cannabis Tinctures are a fabulous way to experience cannabis.