Cannabis Tourism in Paris, France

Paris, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting more than 17.95 Million tourists for sightseeing and shopping. In a city were everyone celebrates love, art, food, fashion and more, how available is weed in Paris? With Canada legalizing medical and recreational cannabis sales via licensed producers across the nation, the United States legalizing recreational cannabis in eleven states (and Washington, DC), and medical marijuana in 33 states, and still more countries deciding on their cannabis laws, tourists across the globe are seeking cannabis on vacations and trips. People are especially looking to get their hands on cannabis in Paris. Currently, cannabis is illegal in Paris, but if you know the right places to look, it may be easy to find. France will also be decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis by the end of 2019. With slow speed and caution, France is moving towards cannabis legalization.

From Wikipedia:

“In 2012, 13.4 million French people between ages 15 and 64 had tried cannabis, and 1.2 million people in Metropolitan France considered themselves regular users. France ranks fourth in the European Union in terms of monthly consumption (following the Czech Republic, Spain, and Italy) and second only to Denmark in terms of persons who have ever used cannabis.”

In 2018, there was a huge jump in the number of CBD coffee shops in Paris, France due to the ‘grey area’ cannabis laws. CBD coffee shops in Paris featured low rated cannabis products with under 0.2% THC content. Everything from the cannabis itself, to herbal tea, coffee, edibles such as cookies, oil, and even toothpaste. The top CBD coffee shops were Blue Dream Lab, Cofy Shop, Canna Coffee, Le Lab du Bonheur, and Kong. On June 28th of 2018, it was reported that several cannabis coffee shops were raided by police officers in Paris. Outside of purchasing CBD/cannabis products in the grey area “coffee shops”, you would most likely need to find marijuana in Paris on the ‘streets’. Not only will the black market cannabis on the ‘streets’ be typically low quality, but being ‘ripped off’ is fairly common in the city centre (less common in the suburbs of Paris.) 

“It depends if you live there or just passing by as a tourist. Cannabis is still illegal in France and not readily available. In the latter scenario, you’d better bring your own stuff because any kind of street strategy will likely lead you to a rip off and probably bad stuff. If you live there, that’s different: as mentioned there are some kind of Uber for cannabis (or other drugs), provided you made enough connections to find one. Note also that “cannabis” in France is mostly haschisch, often very good but sometimes very bad too.” – Anonymous, Quora Reader 

Depending on where and from whom you purchase weed in Paris, the pricing for cannabis can vary from one extreme to another. The chances of getting a good deal on weed in Paris is higher if you already know someone. Someone seeking to buy cannabis in the Suburbs could pay 30 euros while having to pay 80 euros or more if they were in the inner city of Paris.  A decent price for buying weed in Paris is an average of 12-15 euros, but it is not surprising to get the standard price of 20 euros for tourists in Paris.  Locals in France typically roll a joint with a combination of weed, tobacco, and hash; they also use a bus ticket to create a filter for the end of their joint.

While visiting Paris, France enjoy the beautiful attractions, while being safe and cautious of where and from whom you purchase cannabis. Although France may legalize cannabis in the future, it is best to be compliant with its laws to avoid trouble. 

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