Cannabis Tracking System to Be Set Up By Health Canada

This new system will be utilized by territories and provinces overseeing cannabis sales as well as organizations in possession of a federal license for cultivation and processing of cannabis.

The purpose if the system will be to keep the legal market from intertwining itself with the black market.

Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, stated that clarity of the objective of legalization is needed.

“We have been clear about our objective of keeping profits out of the hands of criminals and organized crime.”

The Minister made it clear that there would be routine and unannounced inspections and rigorous personnel and physical security requirements upon legalization.

The system is not supposed to house any personal information about individual consumers, only collect the necessary data needed for Health Canada to track cannabis on a national level.

Former police chief Bill Blair, Weed and cyber security and data leaks
In addition to the tracking of cannabis, there will also be unannounced according to Bill Blair, the minister of border security and organized crime reduction. (Image via
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Negative Response

Many Canadians have numerous questions about how the data will remain confidential in the growing marijuana market.

A web specialist from British Columbia highlighted that all consumers, making purchases online and electronic should worry about their information remains confidential.

He explained during an interview that all secure connections are not necessarily secure.

“Your information is being passed over secure connections, but they’re only so secure. You can build the best website with the best security and there are always bigger and better hackers than there are security measures.”

Dozens of individuals explained to The Star that they are fearful that of the consequences of their personal information and knowledge their use of cannabis leaking out.

Ontario criminal defense lawyer, Caryma Sa’d stated that she is continuously hearing people’s concerns about their information being exposed.

“Once data is shared out there, it’s not easy to bring it back in. It takes one breach and that’s all it takes.”

With very few details about the security measures that will be installed onto the system, Canadians fears are not being relieved. One of the chief concerns is where exactly the Government servers will be located.

An information security consultant in Edmonton, Michael Zmuda, stated that the people are very concerned about their privacy especially with the recent breaches within trusted corporations.

“That could be a cloud system like a tablet, which sends information to a server somewhere. Is that server in Canada or is it in the United States?”
With all the worries it is suggested by Zmuda that legislation needs to be created that would prohibit the information gathered from leaving Canada. This is crucial because breaches do not require a court order or an information exchange to make information stored on a server public.
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