Cannabis Treatment Saves Teen Boy

It’s a difficult moment for anyone: Planning your own funeral. This was the unfortunate reality for 14-year-old Deryn Blackwell until cannabis treatment changed everything.

Blackwell, of Norfolk, England, was waiting out the clock on his final days. Blackwell had been fighting a rare form of Langerhans cell sarcoma, and doctors had informed him he had mere days left to live.

During all this, medical marijuana was never suggested for Blackwell due to cannabis treatment being illegal in the UK.

Desperate Mother Resorts to Cannabis Treatment

Blackwell’s mother, Callie, was at the end of her rope and desperate to find anything that would help her ailing son. Despite the fact that giving her son cannabis could have severe legal consequences, she decided to try it out. Deryn was open to the cannabis treatment, desperate for any hope of prolonging his life.

“It got to a point, I knew I was facing 14 years if I was found out, but I would do every day of a 14-year sentence if it meant he was still here.” Blackwell says during an interview show Loose Women.

Luckily, her risk paid off as cannabis treatment worked.

“I was on the brink of death, I was up for doing anything,” Deryn explains. “And if it did work, it’s fine.”

Cannabis Treatment Did Not Cure the Disease

To be clear, cannabis treatment did save Deryn Blackwell from death but did not cure his disease. He is currently in remission and the plant simply has an amazing effect on his bone marrow.

“He was dying because his fourth and final transplant had failed to engraft. However, after using cannabis, it miraculously reversed course, and his marrow began to take shape.” Callie says in a post on Facebook.

His doctors call her son’s recovery a phenomenon. Callie says her son has made a full recovery and is not feeling any residual effects.

“He is perfectly healthy.”

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