Cannabis Use Among Teenagers is Declining

A surprising fact showing a decline instead of a rise. A statewide survey conducted in California showcased some of the latest information and trends amongst students and their cannabis consumption. The study titled “School Climate, Substance Use, and Well-being Among California Students” was conducted with recordings between 2015-2017 examining cannabis usage with students ranging from 7th Grade to Eleventh Grade. As is a concern right now, there are enough people that associate legality with ability, if it is legal, more people will use it or use more on a regular basis. This survey goes to prove that those concerns are important, yet is not always the case. The survey detailed that compared to the previous survey conducted using information from 2013 – 2015, use amongst students declined on all levels. This research reflected that 4.2% of 7th graders reported that they had used cannabis between 2015-2017, representing a 47% drop compared to 2013-2015 which was reported at 7.9%. Those in grade 9 came in at 17.4% during 2015-2017

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