Canntrust on Cannabis Licensed Producers — a PPP Exclusive

Canntrust on Cannabis Licensed Producers — a PPP Exclusive

Canntrust is one of the largest licensed producers of cannabis in Canada. As the new kid on the block among licensed producers, the company has been able to make waves in the world of Canadian cannabis. Is Canntrust up to the task of supplying Canada’s recreational marijuana needs come October?

The Puff Puff Post sat down with the licensed producer’s brand manager, Kayla Rochkin, at last week’s annual Grow Up conference to discuss the future of Cannabis in the great white north and what it takes to stand out among Canadian licensed producers.

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The Story of Canntrust and Medical Cannabis

Medial weed grown in Canada
Medical cannabis has provided a stepping stone for Canadian growers to emerge onto the recreational market (image via Weed Weekly)

Like many of Canada’s LPs, Canntrust emerged onto the cannabis scene with the intention of servicing the medicinal market. Founded in 2014, Canntrust’s birth coincided fortuitously with the recent success of the cannabis rights movement.

Medicinal cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001. Since then the medical market has grown rapidly, as advances in cannabis medicine have determined many new uses for the plant. Marijuana and marijuana extracts have been implicated as effective treatments for depression, anxiety, epilepsy, CTE, PTSD, arthritis and many others.

With these recent discoveries, the medicinal market has been booming and the demand for cannabis has increased. Many Canadian provinces have reported massive expansions of their medical programs since. As a result, Canadian licensed producers have had to expand rapidly to fulfill the demand for cannabis medicine.

Medicine has always been priority number one for Canntrust. The company was founded by pharmacists and thus, it understands what it takes to succeed in the medical industry.

According to Kayla Rochkin, Canntrust’s philosophy of operation and the products they produce are geared towards this mentality.

“Our staple is being consistent, standardized cannabis products.”
However, with legalization around the corner, will Canntrust be able to broaden its horizons and supply the recreation market as well?
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The Opportunity for Full Legalization

Legalization in October will provide a lucrative opportunity for those licensed producers that can seize it. Like Canntrust, many Canadian licensed producers have seen the medical market as a logical way to cut their teeth in cannabis. So what will make the LP stand out on the recreational market?

“What we think is going to make us stand out is first, the quality of our product, and secondly our branding… The brand Canntrust, from a medical perspective, stands for something. It stands for quality, consistency, standardization, and really high-quality service.”
Kayla Rochkin’s statement definitely merits some analysis. Consistency or product is essential in medicinal cannabis. Different patients require different, specific chemical compositions to their strain or extract. High THC might be suitable for treating certain forms of skin cancer, however, for a patient with high anxiety, this will simply not do. 

This philosophy of production could greatly benefit the recreational market as well. With alcohol, consumers demand that their product be predictable and reliable. On the current grey market, the lack of regulation has been marked by inconsistency.

Legalization does not always remedy the problem of inconsistency either. In California, many cannabis products are failing to meet quality and safety standards, which amounts to lost revenue for many licensed producers.

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Attacking the Global Market

Map of legal cannabis around the world
As legalization spreads across the globe, Canada will be poised to take over world cannabis (image via Lift Resource Centre)

For many licensed producers, Canada is just the beginning. The Cannabis rights movement is infectious. Legalization is emanating from Canada outwards, as currently, 9 US states have implemented full legalization and Mexico might not be far behind either. Kayla Rochkin’s excitement was contagious as she discussed the role of Canntrust in the global marijuana movement.

“I’m really excited that we as Canadians get to pave the way. That is the number one reason I got into this industry. We get to kind of, all come together as an industry and be part of this amazinf movement.”
Uruguay was the first nation to end marijuana prohibition. As Canada follows in their example, the world will be watching
“First G7 country to get out of prohibition and bring the benefits of cannabis to the public. I’m really excited to see the growth of the industry because I truly believe that October 17 is just the beginning. There’s so much more to come.”

With a global vision and a niche target, Canntrust is poised to make waves on the recreational market. For more exclusive content check out our interview with Cam Battley of Aurora Cannabis.

By: Stefan Hosko
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