Captor Capital Corp: A Company For Your Portfolio

Captor Capital Corp is one of the companies that took advantage of the legalization of marijuana in Canada and they are quickly and successfully spreading their cannabis-based business. Namely, the reason why you should have this Toronto-based company on your radar is their steady success in taking over the market. After all, who doesn’t want secure and successful stocks in their portfolio?

Why Captor Capital Corp?

As we are witnessing all over the world, in the past decade or so marijuana is becoming big business. One that is profitable if you get in early enough and play it smart. In fact, that is exactly what Captor Capital Corp did. They were among the handful of companies that had the timing just right as to when to enter the market. This is how Captor Capital Corp was able to acquire key assets for pennies on the dollar. And, in time, they were able to quietly build a successful company that is a competition for many.

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Experts say that the Canadian Cannabis Stock Run UP, although steadily growing, and looking to expand in the years to come, is still considerably lower compared to the U.S. one. The investors are expecting a much greater yield from their stocks in the United States, and they are right. Especially when the following report is taken into account:

  • According to the Forbes Magazine, the Canadian medical and recreational markets combined will pull in a total of $5.4 billion by 2022. Meanwhile, the U.S. adult-use market alone will generate $15.7 billion by 2022.

U.S marijuana legalization map via capitalmarketreview.

Namely, in the United States, so far 33 states along with Washington, D.C. made the use of medical cannabis legal. Additionally, 10 other states have also legalized recreational use on top of this. It is only logical to assume that these numbers will grow in the future, hence the growth in revenue. This brings us back to the need of including successful companies like the Captor Capital Corp into our stock portfolio.

Companies like the Coca-Cola and Constellation Brands together with Phillip Morris and other big corporations have already seen the potential of investing in the cannabis stock market and are now capturing their share of it from the early-movers like Captor Capital Corp.

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The History of Captor Capital Corp

If you are wondering why Captor Capital Corp deserves your attention out of all the other companies on the market read along to understand what places this company among the best ones.

Until now, the Captor Capital Corp has been obtaining valuable assets at much discounted prices in California. This sets the company in a market leader position and shows that they have a serious focus on revenue-generating assets. These assets can be licensed and operational recreational dispensaries among the other possibilities. Additionally, this makes the company a prime acquisition target solely because larger corporations prefer buying versus building facilities in order to enter this growing market.

Captor Capital Corp Results in the United States

  • Speaking of their revenue from buying valuable assets, the MedMen facility in West Hollywood is a great example. This 2,010 sq. ft. facility in Los Angeles, CA, takes approx. 10% of the Los Angeles cannabis market. This dispensary resulted in gaining a profit of $14.7 million for the first three quarters of 2018 only.
  • Furthermore, the CHAI or the Capitola Healing Association Inc. was bought for only $6.1 million. And the reason we are saying “only” is that it generated about $9 million in revenue after its purchase. That definitely ranks as an excellent investment. Now the Capitola Healing Association Inc. is ranked among the top 5 dispensaries ever to operate in Santa Cruz, CA. This dispensary has a large glassware showroom and lab-tested products that are 100% indoor grown. For the first 3 quarters of last year, the CHAI dispensary generated approx. $4.6 million in revenue.
  • The Higher Level Castroville dispensary was given the possibility to be a licensed state and a local dispensary and sell recreational cannabis. This dispensary is on the path to generate about $5.5 million of gross revenue with adjusted EBITDA of 25% (non-IFRS). At the moment, the management team of Captor Capital Corp is calculating current inventory levels while making plans to renovate and improve the dispensary’s design and layout. By doing so, they expect to boost the revenue this dispensary brings each year. The dispensary is planned to stay open and functioning during the renovations, however, it will be completely rebranded and re-launched early this 2019 under the Captor brand.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Mellow Extracts, LLC., is an oil extraction lab facility under the Captor brand and is based in Costa Mesa, California. This lab is planned to apply a state-of-the-art extraction process along with co-packing capacities for white label and private label cannabis brands focusing on cannabis extracts. Additionally, other Captor’s retail outlets will also be supplied by the Mellow Extracts and its oils and premium concentrates.

What are others saying of Captor Capital Corp?

When it comes to its reputation, things are again looking sharp for Captor Capital Corp. For instance, according to Yahoo Finance, the company has over $41 million in cash with a market cap of $46 million. At this rate, their stocks are being traded at close to cash values. Also, the stocks are considered to be a bargain when compared to the others in the cannabis industry.

Canadian Legal Cannabis
Canadian Legal Cannabis

Below you can find publicly available financial data that shows that Captor Capital Corp is indeed a smart choice to invest in.

Revenue and profit of the Captor Capital via capitalmarketreview.

Bottom Line

The cannabis market is currently one of the most profitable and quickly-spreading markets in the whole world. At the moment, no other sector is able to make you a millionaire as quickly as this industry. Surely selecting and creating a good portfolio is understandably a hard job to successfully complete, but with our insights, we will make that a lot easier.

So, if you are looking to make large financial gains look into the Captor Capital Corp. With 2018 being the most exciting year for marijuana stock investors, the new 2019 is looking even more promising.

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