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By 2025, the US market is projected to generate $24 BILLION USD in recreational and medical marijuana sales. Likewise, the CA market is expected to generate $7 BILLION USD in recreational and medical marijuana sales.

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Marijuana Stocks Tumble, Then Bounce Back After Sessions Announcement

marijuana stocks sessions announcement
The sessions announcement did enough to send shivers through the North American cannabis industry. But Marijuana stocks recovered after the initial hit. With federal intervention...

Detroit Freezes Permit Processing After Medical Marijuana Businesses Sue City

medical marijuana businesses Detroit
Medical Marijuana businesses in Detroit banded together to push the cannabis industry forward. But their legal proceedings with the city have brought a freeze...

Legal Weed in California Hasn’t Erased the Black Market

legal weed black market california
The cost of legal weed in California depends on where you get it. But the black market lives on as a cost-effective alternative. Thousands lined...

Canadian Cannabis Future Bright After Jeff Sessions Spurs Marijuana Stock Selloff

Jeff sessions fuels Canadian Cannabis after marijuana Stock Selloff
Jeff Sessions' retraction of the Cole Memo puts a dent in the future of the American cannabis industry. But his political waves create opportunities...

Deals in the Canadian Cannabis Sector Start to Heat-up in 2018

ACB posted its Q3 results for this year. It recorded $16.1 million in revenues, up 211.1 percent from Q3 2017 and up 37.6 percent sequentially from Q2 2018.
The Canadian Cannabis sector has seen its fair share of deals in the early parts of 2018. With marijuana legalization on the horizon, more deals...

Canopy Growth Lobbying for Retail Weed Store in Smiths Falls

weed retail store
The worlds largest producer of legal marijuana is going up against provincial governments to build a retail weed store in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Smiths Falls...

Cannabis Investors Bracing for a Dose of Reality in Canadian Markets

cannabis investors
What will be the size of the reactional market? How many Canadians will convert to buying weed the legal way? These questions leave cannabis investors...

Five Cannabis Stocks to Watch in 2018

cannabis stocks
Investing in cannabis stocks can be a daunting and confusing process. With provincial regulations and federal sanctions hanging over the head of investors, making...

North American Marijuana Stocks Burning-up After California Legalization

north American marijuana stocks
North American marijuana stocks started the year on fire. With many American states next to legalize and Canadian federal legalization on the horizon, 2018...

Mike Tyson is Building a 40-Acre Marijuana Resort

marijuana resort mike tyson
The New Year means green for Mike Tyson, as he spearheads an effort to build the Tyson Ranch, a cutting-edge marijuana resort. Cannabis tourists and...