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cannabis news in Canada

The Future of Cannabis News In Canada: The Predicitions

It can be hard to predict the future of cannabis... Laws may change, tighten or loosen and opinions may shift radically. But the decrease in anti-cannabis propaganda is a good omen. While the current situation...
weed news in canada

The History of Weed News in Canada: Taking A Look at the Past

In the past, cannabis has been demonized, exploited and abused by the news and media. Let's take a look a look at the past and how far we really have come!  Sometimes it can be...
Israeli activist drinks high THC oil

WATCH: Israeli activist drinks high THC oil at Knesset to prove a point

An Israeli activist consumed high THC oil at the Knesset recently to prove a point: No one dies out of a marijuana overdose. “I have cannabis medical oil that contains 30% THC,” the man...
Weed Blanket

How a Weed Blanket on a Mummy Shows Marijuana’s Ancient Use

So how many of you just want to snuggle up with your favorite weed blanket and watch the movie, The Mummy? Show of hands? Anyone? Errr... not so much. Fair enough. You're probably wondering what a...
File image of C Jamm.

South Korean rapper C Jamm says he used marijuana to help him get creative

South Korean rapper C Jamm admitted to the police that he used marijuana but to his defense, he used the green herb to get creative. “I took the drug because I believed it would...

Canadian Legalization: A Message From Us

It's the dawn of a new era, but for some, it's the re-legalization of a powerful plant. Either way, there is a reason to celebrate! As the fall breeze rolls in, and the maple leaves...
Marijuana Professor? Deron Caplan earns his Ph.D. in Cannabis Production

Marijuana Professor? Deron Caplan earns his Ph.D. in Cannabis Production

Infrequent marijuana user, Deron Caplan earned his Ph.D. in Cannabis Production at the University of Guelph becoming a Marijuana Professor Deron Caplan attended the University of Guelph in the Department of Environmental Sciences. His research, over the...

CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

CBD can improve your sex life by making it more relaxed, enjoyable, and exciting. CBD can also help deal with issues such as erectile dysfunction, and pain during sex.

‘My New Dealer is the Prime Minister:’ Ashley MacIsaac Embraces Legal Weed

SYDNEY, N.S. — Ashley MacIsaac says he's spent 25 years feeling like a criminal, but he doesn't have to feel that way anymore. The 43-year-old Cape Breton-born fiddler has spent decades bringing his particular brand of...
The History of Weed in America: The Colonial Days

The History of Weed in America: The Colonial Days

The History of Weed in America: The Colonial Days One brief glance back at the history of weed in America and you'll realize that cannabis is as American as apple pie... or Xenophobia. As the...