Cannabis concentrates: wax, hash, shatter, dabs

Cannabis Wax: For a Potent, Cost-Effective High

When it comes to getting your daily dose of THC, you should consider adding cannabis wax to your menu. Cannabis wax is a cannabis concentrate that is vaped, though it can also be mixed with...
Vapes vs Bongs

Vape vs Bong

With the rise in vaporizer use over the last few years a new debate has been sparked among smokers: vape vs. bong, which is better? Vaporizers have seen a huge popularity spike in the last...

Canadian Legalization: A Message From Us

It's the dawn of a new era, but for some, it's the re-legalization of a powerful plant. Either way, there is a reason to celebrate! As the fall breeze rolls in, and the maple leaves...

3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles… Don’t Do This!

3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles Common Mistakes Making Edibles Are you making Edibles? Try not to make these 3 common mistakes. These are the 3 most common mistakes making edibles. Number 1 How much money do you spend...

Top 5 Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are many ways to consume cannabis. From joints, Edibles, Oils and more. Watch and find out what the top 5 methods are!
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Legal Marijuana Industry Shakes Stoner Stereotypes

Legal Marijuana is changing the perception that people have of marijuana consumers.
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5 Easy Ways to Make Edibles at Home

From baking to making butter, to tea. There are many ways to make edibles at home. We show you the 5 easiest ways to do it.
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What are Cannabis Edibles?

There are many ways to consumer marijuana. A popular method is marijuana edibles. Brownies, lollipops, gummies, butters, cookies and more!

Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo

Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo took place on September 7-8, 2018. The event focused on the education, collaboration and growth of the cannabis growing industry. With licensed producers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, investors, lawyers,...
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Grow Your Own – The Official Grow Guide for Cannabis

Are you ready to grow your own cannabis plants come October 17th? For first-time growers, this grow guide for cannabis can help you out. From the writers at HighTimes comes the perfect guide to ensure...