Vapes vs Bongs

Vape vs Bong

With the rise in vaporizer use over the last few years a new debate has been sparked among smokers: vape vs. bong, which is better? Vaporizers have seen a huge popularity spike in the last...

Canadian Legalization: A Message From Us

It's the dawn of a new era, but for some, it's the re-legalization of a powerful plant. Either way, there is a reason to celebrate! As the fall breeze rolls in, and the maple leaves...

3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles… Don’t Do This!

3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles Common Mistakes Making Edibles Are you making Edibles? Try not to make these 3 common mistakes. These are the 3 most common mistakes making edibles. Number 1 How much money do you spend...

Top 5 Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are many ways to consume cannabis. From joints, Edibles, Oils and more. Watch and find out what the top 5 methods are!
Marijuana Legalizationvideo

Legal Marijuana Industry Shakes Stoner Stereotypes

Legal Marijuana is changing the perception that people have of marijuana consumers.
Marijuana Ediblesvideo

5 Easy Ways to Make Edibles at Home

From baking to making butter, to tea. There are many ways to make edibles at home. We show you the 5 easiest ways to do it.
Marijuana Ediblesvideo

What are Cannabis Edibles?

There are many ways to consumer marijuana. A popular method is marijuana edibles. Brownies, lollipops, gummies, butters, cookies and more!

Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo

Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo took place on September 7-8, 2018. The event focused on the education, collaboration and growth of the cannabis growing industry. With licensed producers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, investors, lawyers,...
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Grow Your Own – The Official Grow Guide for Cannabis

Are you ready to grow your own cannabis plants come October 17th? For first-time growers, this grow guide for cannabis can help you out. From the writers at HighTimes comes the perfect guide to ensure...
Cannabis Stores Banned

Cannabis Stores Banned in Your Town? Read This First

Want Cannabis Stores Banned in Your Town? Canada Has a History of Failure With Municipal Prohibition With Ontario Premier Doug Ford handing the province's municipalities the right to prohibit retail cannabis stores in their communities,...