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Health experts are beginning to investigate and analyze new medical findings in the cannabis field. Puff Puff Post keeps you informed on the latest in medical cannabis news.  Stay informed on medical developments as we keep our eye on the frontier of cannabis research. New discoveries are made in the field of medical cannabis every day. Medical specialists everywhere are beginning to recognize the benefits of the substance. Learn more about the recently discovered attributes of cbd oil and thc! Follow Puff Puff Post to catch the latest medical cannabis news every day.

Cannabis May Help Fight Crack and Cocaine Addictionvideo

Cannabis May Help Fight Crack and Cocaine Addiction

Cannabis may help fight crack and cocaine addiction, new research shows. The study revealed that cannabis had a positive benefit on addicts. A noticeable reduction in addictive behaviour and aggressiveness was shown. Also, some...
CBD May Help You Quit Cigarettesvideo

CBD May Help You Quit Cigarettes

CBD may help you quit cigarettes, study says. Research shows it may help nicotine smokers kick their habit by altering the brain's attentional bias. However, researchers were unable to determine the exact way which CBD was...
Can Cannabis Manage Symptoms of Epilepsy?video

Can Cannabis Manage Symptoms of Epilepsy?

Can cannabis manage symptoms of epilepsy? Studies suggest the drug may be the answer to Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a rare, lifelong form of epilepsy that begins in the first year of life with...
Can Cannabis Help PTSD Patients?video

Can Cannabis Help PTSD Patients?

Can cannabis help PTSD patients? Research has found cannabis to be a great aid for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. For instance, it has been shown to be able to inhibit learned fears,...

Can Cannabis Help People With Autism?

Can cannabis help people with autism? There is a growing number of autistic patients turning cannabis as a way of managing their symptoms. Cannabis seems to be more beneficial to them than prescription medication.
cbd for addiction

CBD and Cannabis For Addiction Treatment

Cbd and Cannabis For Addiction Treatment Cbd and Cannabis For Addiction Treatment has been a topic of increasing interest for a long time. Addiction is a brain disorder that causes the person affected to seek out...

Cannabis Causes You to Dream Less?

Cannabis causes you to dream less? Studies show that cannabis reduces REM sleep. REM sleep is the stage of the sleep cycle where dreams occur. Has cannabis affected your dreams?
Adderall and Cannabisvideo

Adderall and Cannabis

Adderall and cannabis, how do these two drugs interact? When mixed together, these drugs can either be a fitting or a troublesome combo. Since they are a stimulant and depressant, experiences will differ.
Does Cannabis Help You Live Longer?video

Does Cannabis Help You Live Longer?

Does cannabis help you live longer? Cannabis can positively impact many illnesses, diseases, and disorders that take years off one's life. As cannabis is used to treat these sicknesses, it therefore may indirectly extend...
CBD May Help Recovering Addictsvideo

CBD May Help Recovering Addicts Stay Clean

CBD may help recovering addicts stay clean, a study says.  A preclinical study on rats has shown that CBD can reduce the risk of relapse among drug and alcohol addicts.