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Cannabis Laws in New Brunswick to be Ridiculous

Cannabis laws in Canada continue to get more off base as they move closer to full legalization. The final word on what cannabis legislation will look like in Canada is expected to be revealed in...

Ontario Dispensary Fines Could Reach as High as $500,000 a Day

Ontario landlords renting out to dispensaries could face 2 years of jail time. Dispensary fines could reach as high as $500,000 a day for landlords. Ontario has elaborated on how fine for dispensaries will change...
The Canadian Cannabis Chamber Organization

The Canadian Cannabis Chamber Organization

The Canadian Cannabis Chamber Organization is supporting and advocating the plan to legalize cannabis next July 2018. Rick Hanson, a former Calgary policeman, and two past Alberta cabinet ministers are a few supporting members...

Cannabis Legalization Could Help Prevent Global Warming

When we talk about cannabis legalization we tend to talk more about health risks, but studies are showing that legalizing pot could potentially help prevent global warming.

Cannabis Treatment Saves Teen Boy

How cannabis treatment saved a young boys life despite doctor's claims he was on his final days.

The Sunrock: What You Need to Know

By now, you are probably pretty well acquainted with MoonRocks, but have you ever heard of or tried SunRocks?

Thief Mistakes House Plant for Weed Plant

Man faces 15 years in prison after stealing a house plant he thought was cannabis.

Australian Colony Designed to Grow Cannabis?

The buzz between scholars is that New South Wales may, in fact, have been a secret hemp farm.