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A sign and a pin are pictured on the back of a demonstrator during a protest against the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. (Image via Reuters)

Californians Spur Social Justice Discussion Ahead of Marijuana Legalization

Some Californians are using Twitter as a platform to discuss the much-anticipated legalization of marijuana. They hope it will bring some social justice to the country’s minorities. The Silver Lake-based Mikel Jollet, frontman of...
weed shares

Canadian Weed Shares Soar as Growers Eye Global Expansion

Canadian weed shares continue to rise after Canadian regulators reject Aurora Cannabis' request to speed up the hostile takeover of CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. If the request to shorten the minimum deposit period to 35 days was...
big labor

California Big Labor Eyes Growth Potential in Marijuana Fields

A whole new set of workers will be declared as recreational marijuana moves towards legalization in California. Now, big labor unions are looking to capitalize on the rare opportunity. What does that mean for cannabis workers?
US Institute: Marijuana Legalization Didn’t Reduce Criminal Justice Expenditure

U.S. Border Agents To Seize Marijuana Even If California Legalizes Pot

Beyond the border of California, U.S. citizens will not be able to carry their marijuana. Federal police will continue to seize cannabis. Despite California’s final decision to fully legalize recreational marijuana on Monday, U.S. border...
Cannabis Colours

Cannabis Colours: What do They Mean?

Cannabis strains, long before cannabinoid testing, could only be measured with the senses. How did it smell & taste? But for most smokers, the decision is based on cannabis colours and visual appeal. Cannabis comes...
Head of Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht. (File image via The Star)

Edmonton Police Chief Says ‘We’re Not Ready,’ Questions Canada Legalizing Cannabis

Head of Edmonton's police sounds the alarm over Canada legalizing recreational marijuana next summer, says people do not "fully realize and understand the consequences of this decision into the future"  Edmonton's police force is “not...
Trump and Sessions are at war with Legal Cannabis

Will Trump and Sessions Allow Legal Cannabis to Thrive in 2018?

Californians are preparing to purchase legal cannabis for recreational use on January 1st. But with cannabis still illegal federally, the industry expands into dangerous Trump-infested waters. The largest risk of running a cannabis business in...
United Patients Alliance and MPs including UPA patron Paul Flynn MP host cannabis tea party outside Houses of Parliament to challenge the law on access to medical cannabis to manage their chronic pain conditions. (Image via jlieblingcannabis.blogspot.ca/)

Detaining cannabis users costs UK taxpayers almost $23 million

The British Liberal Democrats party has sent a freedom of information request to every police force. after criticizing the expensive approach to dealing with cannabis possession, considered a crime in the UK British taxpayers have...

PharmaCielo Begins Planting Cannabis Under Colombian Government

PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S. ("PharmaCielo Colombia") announced that it has begun the process of planting both THC and CBD medicinal cannabis strains at its Nursery and Propagation Centre in Rionegro. "As the only grower to...
recreational marijuana

Where to buy Recreational Marijuana in California Starting Jan. 1st

Only dispensaries with both local permits and state licenses will allow customers to buy recreational marijuana without a medical recommendation. Anyone 21 and older will be able to purchase legal marijuana in California starting January...