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Ontario To Sell Pot Online In Fall, In Private Retail Stores Next Year

How A Small Ontario Town Became Canada’s Pot Capital

Canopy Growth Corp. has revived and turned a small Canadian town into the Pot Capital of Canada From the ashes of an abandoned Hershey chocolate factory, located in the thinly-populated Smiths Falls, rose the world’s...
At least 12 U.S. states are going to start 2018 with campaigns to push for the legalization of marijuana.

Vermont Expected To Be ‘First Domino’ To Fall As Marijuana Legalization Trend Continues in...

At least 12 U.S. states are expected to push with marijuana legalization with Vermont expected to be the “first domino”
order of canada honoured dr. small for cannabis

Order of Canada Appoints Cannabis Researcher

A cannabis researcher is among 125 new appointments to the Order of Canada for 2017 from the Governor General. Dr. Ernest Small will receive the honour this year. A cannabis researcher is among 125 new...
legal cannabis

Legal Cannabis Versus the Black and Grey Markets of Canada

Legal cannabis will offer an opportunity to siphon out black market operations. But Liberal officials say there are still "grey" areas in Canadian law. Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and her parliamentary secretary, former Toronto police...
California Dispensaries are lighting it up

California Dispensaries are the new Apple Stores: Weed is Trending

The dispensary in West Hollywood looks more like an Apple Store than a place to buy weed. No tinted windows. No burglar bars. And, no beefy security guards. The MedMen dispensary on Santa Monica Boulevard is a...
joint live on T.V.

Viewers Lash Out At CNN Correspondent for Smoking Joint Live On T.V.

Viewers expressed their anger at CNN’s coverage for New Year especially when its correspondent Randi Kaye smoked a “pink joint” live on television at a marijuana party bus in Denver, Colorado.
first day of legalization

The Numbers and Noise From California’s First Day of Legalization

Hundreds of people lined up to by recreational weed in California on Monday. Here are some of the numbers and quotes from the historic first day of legalization. The Berkeley Patient Group was one of...

2018 Brings High-Times for Marijuana Legalization

2018 will bring about the largest social change we've seen in the last century. From prohibition to profit, California and the entire country of Canada lead the charge in marijuana legalization. New years day brings...
recreational weed in california

Recreational Weed for Sale in California at Select Shops Only

Recreational weed is now legal in California. But only a few shops are ready for New Years Day. The day many cannabis enthusiasts in California have been waiting for has finally arrived. New years day...
Health Canada: “No Changes” To Ottawa’s Marijuana Policy Following Sessions Move

The Top 12 Marijuana News Stories That Changed Our World in 2017

The year of 2017 witnessed a slew of events that left a permanent mark on how the world sees and reacts to marijuana, it all started with Uruguay setting the trend in the being the first country worldwide to legalize marijuana to California, with almost 40 million in population, readying to make it happen.