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indica vs. sativa

Exploring the Indica vs. Sativa Binary of Marijuana Strains

Legalization movements around the globe are creating large groups of new cannabis-enthusiasts. But is the Indica vs. Sativa classification helpful for new users? For someone new to the industry, things can get a little confusing...

2018 Brings High-Times for Marijuana Legalization

2018 will bring about the largest social change we've seen in the last century. From prohibition to profit, California and the entire country of Canada lead the charge in marijuana legalization. New years day brings...
recreational weed in california

Recreational Weed for Sale in California at Select Shops Only

Recreational weed is now legal in California. But only a few shops are ready for New Years Day. The day many cannabis enthusiasts in California have been waiting for has finally arrived. New years day...
Health Canada: “No Changes” To Ottawa’s Marijuana Policy Following Sessions Move

The Top 12 Marijuana News Stories That Changed Our World in 2017

The year of 2017 witnessed a slew of events that left a permanent mark on how the world sees and reacts to marijuana, it all started with Uruguay setting the trend in the being the first country worldwide to legalize marijuana to California, with almost 40 million in population, readying to make it happen.
legal marijuana in california

With Heavy Taxes, Legal Marijuana in California Will Cost More

Beginning Jan 1st, 2018, legal marijuana in California will cost about eight dollars more per eighth-of-an-ounce. Cutting out the black market is always a priority with recreational marijuana legalization. But heavy taxes may cause initial...
Volunteer Charlie Kirchheimer, 25, displays jars of dried cannabis buds at the La Brea Collective medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, California, March 18, 2014. (Image via Reuters)

2017 Showed Highest Number Of Americans Backing Legalization of Marijuana

As California readies to legalize marijuana, the year of 2017 showed a big change in Americans' sentiments toward cannabis, with major transformation happening at the Republican side of the fence.
Cops and Politicians are buying into the cannabis business and access to medical marijuana

Cops and Politicians Joining in on Canada’s Cannabis Business

As Canada moves towards legalizing recreational cannabis, there's a surprising group of entrepreneurs jumping into the market: cops and politicians. In 2015, former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino was “completely opposed” to marijuana legalization and...
Germany looks for medical marijuana application approval

Germany Health insurance Companies pay for Most Cannabis Medicines

Nearly 10,000 applications for medical marijuana therapy have been received by the country's two largest health insurance companies, with over half of them being approved. The costs of cannabis therapies in Germany are being increasingly covered by the...
legally produce

Netherlands Looks to Cut out Criminals — Will Legally Produce Cannabis

Amsterdam has long been a place where cannabis is tolerated. But criminals are supplying the 420 friendly "coffee shops." The Dutch government wants to halt that process and legally produce cannabis.
California Advocates Cite Health Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

California Marijuana Advocates Cite Health Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

California marijuana advocates are trying to get the word out that marijuana is not as harmful as people want to make it out to be. During the November election, California became the fifth state to...