Arrested for Marijuana Possession After Legalizationvideo

Arrested for Marijuana Possession After Legalization?

Arrested for marijuana possession? If you plan to purchase your marijuana illegally after legalization, pay attention because discretion might still be the order of the day.
Smoking Marijuana in Public Wherever Tobacco is Permitted in Ontariovideo

Smoking Marijuana in Public (Ontario)

Smoking marijuana in public is now allowed wherever tobacco is permitted in Ontario. The Ford administration has taken the approach that less arbitrary regulation surrounding cannabis is better. So it seems that the Ford administration...
Legalized Marijuana Sales Cannabis Weed Legalizationvideo

Legalized Marijuana Sales Could Reach $1 Billion in Fourth Quarter

Legalized marijuana sales could reach $1 billion according to Stats Canada. Fourth quarter estimates range between $816 million and $1.02 billion. However, purchases of illicit cannabis during the same period could be between $254 million and $317 million.
Marijuana Stocks Wall Street Investing Businessvideo

Marijuana Stocks Soaring on Wall Street

Marijuana stocks continue to soar on Wall Street. Investors are craving marijuana stocks as Canada moves forward with cannabis legalization. As a result, billions of dollars have poured into the stocks with more expected in the...
Marijuana Legalization in Canada Cannabis Laws October 17video

Marijuana Legalization in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Marijuana legalization in Canada has smokers all across the country wondering what the regulations and laws are regarding this new act. Questions such as what is Bill C-45? How much cannabis can you carry...

Marijuana Legalization in Canada May Go More Smoothly Than You Think

Marijuana Legalization in Canada may go more smoothly than you think, says Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee. He is providing reassurance for Canadians who may fear that legalization of recreational marijuana will come with...

Marijuana Legalization in Canada Could Lead to a Weed Drought

Marijuana Legalization in Canada could lead to a shortage of supply across the country. Research shows that there are not enough producers to deliver enough product to the market. Thus, there is currently not...
Synthetic Marijuana Health Danger K2 Scooby Snaxvideo

Synthetic Marijuana Seen as a Public Health Danger

Synthetic Marijuana is a growing health danger. Some marijuana smokers turn to it because it is relatively cheap and not detected in routine drug testing. However, there have been many cases of overdosing due...

Pot for Pets: Can Cannabis Treat Animals?

Pot for Pets with health issues is becoming more common. Pets can suffer from many of the same conditions that plague humans such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression. As well as PTSD, arthritis, dementia, and...
Cannabis Can Affect Sperm Count and Male Fertility Mens Healthvideo

Cannabis Can Affect Sperm Count and Male Fertility

Cannabis can affect sperm count and male fertility, research indicates. It has a negative impact on sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm motility. Thus making it harder to conceive.