CBD Oil and Toothache – Is It an Effective Remedy?

CBD Oil and Toothache – Is It an Effective Remedy?

Toothaches are not fun. But do you know what makes a toothache worse? It causes headaches as well. So you’re not only dealing with a toothache, but you’re also suffering from a throbbing skull, too. While over-the-counter painkillers effectively control a toothache, many users find CBD oil and toothache effects far more effective.

What causes a toothache?

Several factors cause a toothache, but the most common reason is poor dental hygiene.

Poor dental hygiene results in bacteria buildup, cavities, dental plaques, tooth and gum inflammation, as well as tooth and gum infections. All these cause a toothache. Left untreated, these conditions will only get worse.

Unfortunately, the majority of the pain caused by toothaches travels the same pathway that headaches do. Because of this connection, most toothaches also cause headaches.

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Analgesia – A CBD Oil Toothache Effect

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We lack studies on CBD oil and toothache effects. However, several studies show that CBD has therapeutic properties that can control the factors that worsen toothaches.

CBD produces strong painkilling effects. It keeps that nagging, throbbing pain at bay. Although CBD has low affinity to the cannabinoid receptors, it interacts with other receptors that modulate pain. This is one of the CBD oil and toothache effects that make this cannabinoid beneficial.

Anti-inflammation – A CBD Oil Toothache Effect

Immune cells attack infections. They send signals to other immune cells to go to the site of infection. The more immune cells, the faster they can contain the noxious stimulus. Unfortunately, immune cells also release chemicals that trigger and worsen pain.

Left untreated, inflammation also becomes chronic. Instead of controlling infection, they make the condition worse.

Studies show that CBD produces powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This cannabinoid stops the recruitment of more immune cells to the area by inducing the death of these pro-inflammatory cells. When these are controlled, the swelling goes down and pain is reduced.

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Antibacterial – A CBD Oil Toothache Effect

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Another CBD oil toothache property is its antibacterial effect. Studies reveal that CBD produces potent antibacterial effects. This cannabinoid kills staphylococci and streptococci. One study even showed that CBD kills treatment-resistant MRSA.

How CBD does this still remains unknown. Researchers suggest that, like conventional antibiotics, CBD also alters bacterial cell wall. This prevents them from growing and spreading.

This antibacterial property of CBD helps control a toothache caused by bacteria buildup. It also promotes faster healing by killing the bacteria.

Are there precautions in using CBD oil toothache products?

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Saliva is important for oral hygiene. It contains antibacterial compounds that keep bacterial growth in check. Our saliva also contains enzymes, minerals, and proteins essential to tooth and gum health.

Researchers found that chronic cannabis use and its dry mouth effects increase the risk of developing dental problems. In fact, one study showed that chronic cannabis use may increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Care should be taken when using CBD oil for toothache. Like THC, it also causes dry mouth since it prevents the salivary glands from producing and secreting saliva.

To decrease discomfort, you need to drink plenty of water. You can also chew some gum after administering CBD oil to stimulate saliva production.

Dry mouth due to CBD oil treatment goes away after a while. It also disappears when your body finally adjusts to the presence of CBD.

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