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CBD oil caused Parents to be separated from their Daughter

CBD oil caused Parents to be separated from their Daughter

Latoya Jackman
Parents, Maria and Joseph file claim against Orange County after losing custody for treating daughter’s epilepsy with CBD oil

Parents, Maria and Joseph Selva were separated from their epileptic daughter Ali Selva for four days

Ali Selva is a 7-year-old girl whose parents use CBD oil to treat her epileptic seizures.

The child was removed from her home in California by a social worker after social services were contacted.

She was taken to the Orangewood Children’s Home after her parents were accused of severe medical neglect.

They chose to replace the medication prescribed by the doctor with CBD oil after they realized that the anti-seizure medication was cause Ali to exhibit aggressive behavior.

Ali’s mother, Maria stated that she never thought that giving her daughter CBD oil, which is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, could result in this series of events.

“It never crossed my mind even for a second that using CBD oil to treat my child’s seizures, and seeking alternative treatments, would lead to what happened.”


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Prescribed Seizure Medication Led to Violence

Maria disclosed that Keppra was the anti-seizure medication that resulted in the changes in her daughter personality. The sweet child changed to being moody and aggressive.

She became violent and uncontrollable, striking her mother’s stomach while she was pregnant or banging her head against the ceiling while jumping on her bed.

After Ali was released back into her parents’ custody, her parents had to go through a custody battle for nearly two months before the judge dismissed the case.

It surprised the Selvas that a state like California, where medical marijuana has been legal for more than 20 years… Would pursue a case for using cannabis products to treat their daughter’s illness.


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A Prevalent Issue

The Selvas are not the first family to go through these custody issues.

Currently, cannabis remains illegal by federal law, so many government workers and medical professionals refuse to view cannabis-based products as legitimate treatment options.

The Selvas began giving Ali CBD in July 2017, initially, it did not stop the seizures from occurring. After they increased the dosage they realized that she was having fewer seizures, and after two weeks of treatment, she was seizure free.

Maria explained that the incident was like she was ripped apart from Ali.

“It just felt like we were being ripped apart. I wanted to call the police, but it was the police that was doing it.”

Maria and Joseph are still unsure who called child protective services or why.


The Selva family in front of their Costa Mesa apartment Image via Orange County Register - CBD oil caused Parents to be separated from their Daughter
The Selva family in front of their Costa Mesa apartment (Image via Orange County Register)

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Taking action

Although Ali is back home with her parents, they have decided to file a claim of $1 million against the county.

They believe its time to speak out against this matter.

The Selva’s story has so far been a part of a Facebook page along with stories from other families who have had similar experiences.

Maria and Joseph are currently searching for an attorney that would take their case against the county to court.

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