Bill Blair: Celebrity Endorsement to Cannabis Prohibited in Canada

In the upcoming nationwide legalization in Canada, not only plain packaging will be the most likely fate of pot products, but cannabis businesses – for sure – can’t have celebrity endorsements.

Bill Blair, the federal MP, who is tasked with leading Canada’s marijuana legalization, reiterated this weekend that celebrity endorsements of any kind for legal marijuana products will be forbidden, Global News reported on Sunday.

“The law is explicit and clear, that celebrity endorsement, lifestyle advertising is not allowed with cannabis,” said Blair, a Liberal MP and former Toronto police chief.

“It’s not the government’s intention to promote the use of this drug … We are not allowing the heavy marketing that we’ve seen with other products, alcohol for example, and so there will be severe restrictions on things like celebrity endorsement and [company] sponsorship.”

Celebrities in the U.S. and Canada are increasingly investing in marijuana businesses at least to get their share of the “green rush.”

In Canada, members of The Tragically Hip have shareholder ties to Up Cannabis for example. U.S. celebrities such as Snoop Dog and KISS bassist Gene Simmons have already invested in “green” Canada.