Christmas Party Time: The Twelve Days of Kushmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Filled with glimmering lights, the smell of cider, gingerbread and pine, and of course, party time!

For party goers, it is officially the Christmas Party season. Whether you have an office party with coworkers or an Ugly Christmas Sweater party with friends, this is the perfect time to also celebrate Kushmas.

Kushmas is the “pot-smokers Christmas.” A day to go “Kushmas Carolling,” and sing songs like “The 12 Days of Kushmas,” “Frosty the Blunt man,” and “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Drug-Dealer.” A day completely devoted to spending time getting high with your friends and eating Christmas themed edibles.

While there may always be a warm place in your heart for a freshly loaded bowl, there are other options to keep it safe and discreet for office parties. Check out our Kushmas party options for this year’s celebration season!

How to Celebrate Kushmas in the Office

Kushmas party time even the marijuana moms part take
These ‘marijuana moms’ meet regularly for lavish cannabis-infused dinners.

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When you’re out and about, it’s sometimes best to keep your cannabis consumption on the down low. When attending an office party you need a small, discreet method of inhalation with the same benefited high.

The most discreet portable vaporizers and vape pens on the market are available at any local head shop or dispensary. They provide a quick and easy hit without attracting the stares of co-workers. It also is great for eliminating the smell of weed all over your beautiful suit or dress.


As the marijuana industry expands, the demand for smokeless alternatives will only continue to grow. Most of your friends and maybe even your doctor will recommend edibles over smoking marijuana. The main downside of most edibles is the fact that you have to consume so many calories to achieve the desired effect. THC Caps, strain-specific cannabis capsules are a perfect option for staying wavy at your party.

Each capsule ranges from 10mg-200mg, and are offered in singles and can be purchased within the states in larger quantities. Optimal for discrete medicating, these medicinal capsules are not only inconspicuous, they have zero calories. That means more gingerbread cookies for you!

The Classic Joint

Although not as conspicuous as the other options, the classic joint is a great way to connect you and your pro-cannabis co-workers. Rolling a joint is the tried and true way to get high. Grind up your herb, get some rolling papers, and light up. Sure, it’s smoking, but it’s definitely healthier for you than actual cigarettes. Plus, nothing hurts with opening up and getting to know your co-workers.

Ganja-Filled Friendmas

Kushmas Ugly Sweater Party
Pineapple Express is a great movie to watch with friends while having a session.

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The Bong

With joints and blunts, you are always going to have to buy more or make more for you and your friends. So, just drop a few bucks on a decent bong. Furthermore, you can get interchangeable bowls pieces for all the different cannabis smokers in the room.

The water filtration also is an important reason why smoking a bong can be enjoyable. It’s going to cool down your smoke and stop your throat from being irritated by the heat. In addition, the water also filters out some of the chemicals and ash that would normally end up in your mouth. You can add ice to bongs that come with an ice catcher for even more cooling relief. It’s easy to clean, share and a piece of art to keep forever.

5-Stage Cone

RAW has put together a combination package of cones and called them Rawket.  This collection is made from pure hemp unbleached paper, the cones are all pre-tipped and are additive free, natural and very vegan-friendly. This includes Raw Cone 1 1/4, Raw Cone King Size, Party Size, Emperador (9-inches) and the GIGA (11 inches).

This party pleasure is perfect for you and a group of friends. Plan a potluck, pick your favorite cannabis-themed movies and smoke one the biggest joints for Kushmas.


No longer is it just about the special brownies! Also, today’s consumer has access to a vast array of consumables. The beauty of edibles is that you can enjoy your cannabis discreetly without offending your friends.  So, just eat a cookie, pop a candy in your mouth, or crack open an ice cold cannabis soda pop. Friends who want to indulge can, and the ones who don’t partake aren’t bothered by any smoke or smell. In addition, the convenience, fun and experience of enjoying a finely crafted edible cannot be denied.

A Fun Story For Your Friends and Co-Workers

Kushmas Party Time with songs
Twas the Night Before Christmas Lyrics. via Leafly