Viewers Lash Out At CNN Correspondent for Smoking Joint Live On T.V.

Viewers expressed their anger at CNN’s coverage of New Year’s Eve. Especially when correspondent Randi Kaye smoked a pink joint live on T.V. at a marijuana party bus in Denver, Colorado.

Patiently waiting for the countdown for 2018, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, who were at New York’s Times Square, were bemused by Kaye’s gleefulness at the “pot & paint” party especially when she smoked a joint live on T.V.

“It’s a Pink Joint!” Randi kaye said.

“Someone just passed this to me,” Kaye told both Cooper and Cohen from Denver. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in January 2014.

After smoking the joint, Kaye said “I am just going to pass it on, oh-oh, and I get another one passed to me, so funny.”

She also showed viewers one of the latest marijuana gadget called “the incredible.”

CNN’s audience was not happy

One viewer gave CNN, the “shame on you” treatment, asking how is possible for this to be on “live TV with our children watching! Bye CNN!”

CNN’s coverage also did not go unnoticed by its conservative counterpart, Fox News.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham received her own set of backlash on Twitter –  Monday morning after criticizing CNN’s segment.

In the US, seven states – Washington, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Maine – and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing recreational marijuana in addition to its medical use, with California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada being the recent joiners.