Coca-Cola talks for Cannabis, Cannabis infused Coke could be coming to a shelf near you

Coca-Cola talks for Cannabis

Cannabis infused Coke could be coming to a shelf near you

Aurora making news again this week as the Cannabis company was in talks with the beverage conglomerate – Coca-Cola. There has been a lot of speculation around cannabis being infused into food and also into drinks.

The interest comes with consumers wanting alternatives to smoking cannabis and companies around the world seem invested to move forward with these desires. Nothing is guaranteed if Coca-Cola will move forward with infusing a version of their drinks with Cannabis, but both companies, are interested to enter the market as Canada legalizes Cannabis for recreational use.

In the first report by the BNN, the two companies would most likely develop a drink that can help inflammation, pain, and cramping.

With the strict regulations of where and how you can use cannabis, would you consider drinking your favourite Coke product if it was infused? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook and Twitter. I’m Brandan Dietrich for Puff Puff Post. Keep watching for all your latest cannabis news.

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