Connecticut Recreational Pot Bill Heads to the Senate for Approval

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Connecticut is headed to the Senate for full consideration after the state’s Legislative Committee approved it on Thursday.

The committee voted 27-24 for the bill, local media reported.

“This bill deserves an opportunity for further conversation and to get into the fine points of what that conversation would be,” the Hartford Courant quoted Sen. Paul Formica, a Republican from East Lyme and a committee co-chair, as saying.

The Hartford Courant said so far there is no indication the Senate will take up the issue, which is seen as controversial.

There “isn’t a will in the legislature to move forward” with marijuana legislation this year, Sen. John Kissel, a Republican, who is on three of the four committees that raised recreational marijuana bills, said.

The bill, meanwhile, calls officials from several state agencies to develop a plan, expected to be due on Oct. 1,  for the legalization and regulation of cannabis.

The bill also aims to provide substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and awareness programs.