Canada’s Conservative leader says he tried pot but opposes legalization

Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Conservative Party and leader of Canada’s Official Opposition since 2017, has admitted that he smoked marijuana as a young man.

But Scheer ironically is against the legalization of cannabis.

On the French-language talk show Tout Le Monde En Parle on Sunday, Scheer was asked a myriad of questions from abortion, gay rights, gun control, climate change to cannabis.

When asked if he will celebrate the legalization of marijuana by smoking a joint. Scheer said: “No,” giving an embarrassed laugh.

Then the host asked him: “Have you ever smoked?”

“So…”  Scheer said, but after pausing and feeling uneasy, he took a sip from his glass of wine to finally utter his confession. “I hope my father is not watching this show. … When I was young, yes.”

Scheer said his Conservative party will look into Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act that will legalize marijuana this summer.

He said there is a possibility that his party might recriminalize marijuana again if Conservatives won in the next election.