Canadian couple celebrate marijuana legalisation with a cross-country bike ride

British Colombia-based Canadian Couple Ali Becker and Mat Leblanc have decided to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana with an adventurous bike ride.

With the assistance of one of their sponsors, Weedmaps, their adventure “the Good Vibes Tour” will be a cross-country mountain tour.

The couple, 32, have been able to connect with cannabis dispensaries, communities, and hotspots across the way.

Leblanc said the tour will provide a chance to show their unique relationship with the plant.

He is hopeful that others will be inspired to join them on their tour.

“Our new adventure is inspired by the exciting change in the cannabis landscape in Canada and the movement towards federal legalization. It’s also inspired by the profoundly positive effect that spending time outdoors has had in our lives.”

The bike ride will be documented through vlogs, blogs, photos, live streams, stories and updating their route via GPS tracking on Strava and interactive GPS maps via the Relive app.

Leblanc and Becker have routed a version of The Great Trail, formerly the Trans Canada Trail, which is the longest recreational trail in the world.

The two already made a budget for their four months trip, setting mid-September as their finish date. “But we’ll keep cycling as long as the weather holds,” said Becker.

Canada will be the second country in the world – after Uruguay – to legalize recreational marijuana.