Danksgiving – A Time To Give Thanks and Celebrate Mary Jane In Style.

It’s Danksgiving! This is a time of year to give thanks starting in Canada, leading with American Thanksgiving and into Black Friday.

Whether in Canada or the States it seems that the Trump stories have already taken over the internet. It has been an interesting year of changes, new presidencies, floods and mass shootings. Although it seems bleak we do have a lot to give thanks for.

Many people believe that is wrong to give thanks on these days due to the genocides and the loss of the natives and aboriginal people. Those truths behind the stories are not forgotten. On the other hand, it is a moment to stop and reflect. Life gets so busy that we neglect the little things to be thankful for like friends, family, a roof over our head, a cell phone, water, breathable air, and someone who loves you.

In the cannabis world, we have a lot to be thankful for in this last year. A lot of movement and open dialogue has happened to ensure legislation is done right. It is unfortunate how many people were affected by the continuous raids but there is an opportunity to be thankful for ones who are willing to stand and fight for access to medicine.

It will be a very Happy Danksgiving this year, with a lot of great movies, food options, wine pairing and new strains to try.

Danksgiving Movies

Hollywood's Adam Sandley and Seth Rogen in the movie Funny People, watch this Danksgiving
Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in the movie Funny People.

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There is a strange tradition that started in the fandom world called Hanksgiving. It is celebrated by watching a long list of Tom Hanks films. Big is about a 12-year-old boy whose wish turns him into a 30-year-old man. Tom Hanks performance is driven and playful making the childhood story captivating. It’s a family charmer. Grab your THC infused popcorn!


If you are into thrillers this chilling movie will have you tripping out. When Keller Dover’s (Hugh Jackson) daughter is kidnapped he takes matters into his own hands to get her back. It may not be for the whole family but Prisoners is great with a good indica and some CBD infused hot chocolate or apple cider.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It may not be everyone’s favourite but it is a timely classic about a marketing executive (Steve Martin) who wants to get home to his family for Thanksgiving. This 80’s comedy is full of fun when a ring salesmen (John Candy) changes the plane trip home into a 3-day adventure. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a great movie for a hybrid spliff or joint.

Funny People

A dramatic comedy about a wealthy movie star (Adam Sandler) who tries to get back to stand up comedy after his leukaemia battle. He meets an aspiring comic (Seth Rogen) and they connect on a new adventure about family, friendship and the comedy world. Funny People is a perfect movie for Friendsgiving. Grab the bong, your best pals and enjoy.


Not feeling a movie? How about binge-watching all 10 Friends Thanksgiving episodes. It is the perfect show about a group of friends living in New York. From playing football in the park, Chandler in a box, Rachel’s trifle, each episode is filled with hilarious moments. Stars like Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt even make appearances. Good for family or friend fun. Make some brownies, get out the wine and turn on Netflix.

Danksgiving Food

Delicious Pumpkin Pie with THC, top of the list to try for Danksgiving
Homemade pumpkin pie infused with cannabis.

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Itis Turkey

Sleepiness is tied with thanksgiving, however, this Danksgiving will be the best post-nap yet. With the mix of tryptophan from the turkey and the THC from the cannabis, it will brew a sleep cocktail like no other. Starts with a cannabutter rub. Once that is made you inject that into the turkey to get weed-infused meat. If you like flavour The Herbal Chef has a THC infused basil pesto to rub on the turkey. Make sure the stretchy pants are packed.

High-Bird Stuffing

A delicious combination of bread. garlic and herbs. Perfect to go inside the Itis Turkey and easy to whip up. Make sure to have cannabutter and cannabis bud ready for this recipe. Add a little honey by Honey Pot for flavour and added CBD. The mixture of butter and bud makes for a delicious and infused high.

Marijuana Mash

A danksgiving twist on mashed potatoes. They are irresistibly creamy and easy to make. Add some shredded cheese and bacon to make it a real stoner treat. All that is needed is some potatoes, some cannabutter or coconut infused THC oil, a masher and some Pop Naturals oil to garnish on top.

Green Gravy

Sounds gross but it’s not like Dr Suess “Green Eggs and Ham”. This gravy isn’t actually green other than the cannabis. Gravy is a staple to tying the Thanksgiving meal together. For Danksgiving top of your meal by medicating it with gravy. Use some Jane’s Brew Cannabis Power for potency. This cannabutter infused gravy will help with munchies so there is enough room for dessert.

Great Ganja Pumpkin Pie

This may take a little work since pies already aren’t too easy to make. This is a cherished dish during the cannabis holidays. This comes straight from Chef Ra who is a cannabis rights advocate and ganja gourmet chef. With the added flavour of condensed milk with the mix of cannabutter, it makes this pumpkin pie a reason to give thanks.

Danksgiving Drinks

Marijuana Cocktail with Whiskey perfect to go with yours Danksgiving meal
THC infused cocktail garnished with a cannabis bud.

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Brandy Molasses Egg Nog

Nothing like a warm or cold egg nog during the holiday season. This danksgiving The Ganja Kitchen whipped up an eggnog receipe to getting your taste buds awakened. A mix of ground cannabis, molasses and brandy topped with all spice will keep your friends asking for more.

Red and White Wine

It is no surprise that weed and wine would go together when they are both rich in flavouring. You can compare by aromas, flavours, effects or even names. Cannabis is defined by terpenes which are natural oils the plant gives off. Wine has a wonderful feature of telling you what flavours and food it pairs well with. So if it suggests citrus, a good mix would be Mango Haze or Tangerine Dream. Get creative and find what works best. Flavour palate is defined per person.

Bloody Mary-Jane

A spin on a classic drink this vodka based THC drink paired with infused green bean is exactly what’s needed to keep the thanksgiving party going. Grab some tomato juice and infused alcohol, shake it up and pour over ice.


This potent recipe brings the classic Manhattan cocktail to a new level of amazing. It is highly recommended for an after meal drink with dessert or even a movie. Make sure to let your bud heat for over an hour before infusing your whiskey for extra flavourful effects.

Danksgiving Products

Beautiful weed strain with a strong hit., Super silver haze is perfect for danksgiving
The Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain with a strong and classic hit. Beautiful purple leaf with silver attributes.

via Green House Seeds

Berry White – Blueberry x White Widow

Hybrid strain with a sweet and fresh taste that matches perfect with cranberry sauce. Making a fresh apple pie? Consider using this as a mix to get a relaxed feel with a sense of euphoria. Medically reduces stress and pain with THC level of 16-28% and CBD level of 0.07-0.1%.

Sour Diesel – Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk

Sativa strain with a pungent and diesel like taste. Perfect for an after Danksgiving smoke. Its energizing and cerebral effects will combat the itis feeling from the turkey and give a social energy. Medically reduces stress and depression with a THC level of 19-25% and CBD of 0.1-0.3%.

Super Silver Haze – Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze

Sativa strain with a citrus and sweet taste. Its earthy armoa pairs nicely with turkey and gravy. Consider using it is as salt and pepper for Danksgiving. Medically combats depression pain and stress but mainly targets fatigue. Perfect to give that energetic uplifting effect. For those who struggle with eating its a perfect pre game smoke for appetite inducing. Its THC level can be anywhere from 13-40% with a CBD of 0.2-1.7% CBD.

OG Kush – Chemdawg x Hindu Kush

Indica Hybrid strain that is a cherished strain in the cannabis community. With its earthy lemon favouring with woody aroma it has become a delicacy when mixed with veggies. Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Green Beans are especially flavourful. Its relaxed and happy effect will keep you buzzed and talkative this Danksgiving. Medically targets migraines, ADHD and stress disorders with a THC level of 19-26% and CBD of 0.01-0.3%.

Amnesia Haze – Thai x Afghani x Jamaican x South Asian x Haze

Sativa strain that dates back in cannabis history. An earthy base with a lemon and citrus flavouring for an uplifting feeling. Perfect for matching with a vodka or rum, dessert tarts or even with a vinaigrette on a salad. This strain will leave feelings of happiness, energy and creativity. Medically battles depression and stress with a THC level of 20-23% and CBD of 0.02-0.1%.