To Buy or Not to Buy… In less than a month where will you buy your cannabis?

To Buy or Not to Buy

In less than a month where will you buy your cannabis?

Most Canadians are confused where they can legally buy their cannabis from come legalization. This is partially due to some governments restricting sales to be only online at the beginning.

When you think of buying weed, do you think of your dealer on the street, or buying it at a store? Well, neither of those answers will be the law come October 17th. The Ontario Government has announced that Cannabis sales will be restricted to online purchases only through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Storefronts are expected to come in April 2019, however, the number and locations of these stores is still unknown. The question is, to buy or not to buy.

Will you buy legal cannabis at some top prices of $15.00 per gram depending on the strain? Will you grow your own Cannabis with the allotted four plants per household? What about making no changes at all and sticking with your dealer?

Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter @brandandietrich or my Facebook @brandandietrichTV. I’m Brandan Dietrich and you’re watching Puff Puff Post.

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