Denver marijuana dispensary helps police tackle impaired driving

In Denver, Colorado there are nearly twice as many marijuana dispensaries as Starbucks.

Colorado alongside Washington were the first two U.S. states that legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.

But Denver Police are not too happy about people driving while high.

Police say increased instances of motorists driving while high are raising some red flags, WTHR reported.

Sgt. Rich Coisman said the Denver Police department is “definitely” seeing an increase in the number of people driving while high.

While the roadside test for marijuana impairment is the same as it is for alcohol, a blood test needs to come back positive to make it final.

The blood test requirement is what makes it difficult to prove impairment in court, Coisman added.

The dispensary

Native Roots, a dispensary is currently helping the police to tackle impaired driving.

The dispensary is working with the state’s department of transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to educate smokers about the dangers of driving while high.

“It’s extremely important for them to get that message every single time and for our staff to deliver it, so they can make smart transportation decisions,” said Native Roots CEO Ryan Brown.

A 2017 report found that Colorado has 491 dispensaries, 392 Starbucks coffee shops and 208 McDonald’s.