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Did PM Netanyahu “Lie” about Trump not Wanting Israel to Export Pot?

Did PM Netanyahu “Lie” about Trump not Wanting Israel to Export Pot?

Dina Al-Shibeeb
U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after Trump's address at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem May 23, 2017. (File image via Reuters)

The Israeli cabinet is expected to officially legalize the export of medical marijuana, a major step highly anticipated by those involved in the industry.

Cannabis farmers and businesses in Israel were furious after the Israeli government took a U-turn decision on medical marijuana exports in February.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said it is because U.S. President Donald Trump told him to discontinue the process.

In a recent interview the Jerusalem Post, Oren Lebovitch, who heads Israel’s pro-legalization party, Ale Yarok, and oversees the first medical cannabis cooperative in Israel, shed some light on this issue.

Using Netanyahu’s nickname, Lebovitch said: “One option is that Bibi lied…and he said it in order to not get the heat.”

The official, however, made another speculation.

“The other thing, I thought: Bibi is working with Sheldon Adelson,” he said.

Adelson is an 84-year-old Jewish American casino mogul from Las Vegas, who is worth about $40 million.

“Adelson pays for his campaign, is his patron. And Sheldon – unlike Trump – is really against the legalization of cannabis and is against medical cannabis,” he added.

rich - Did PM Netanyahu “Lie” about Trump not Wanting Israel to Export Pot?
Gambling giant Las Vegas Sands Corp’s Chief Executive Sheldon Adelson attends a news conference in Macau, China December 18, 2015. (File image via Reuters)

In 2016, the billionaire reportedly donated $1 million to an anti-pot group in Massachusetts. Adelson attempted to help the anti-marijuana group, which had  only $634,000 at the time in the face of legalization advocates, who had $3.3 million, according to the Boston Globe.

Some suggest that Adelson is a staunch marijuana opponent since he “lost a child to drug abuse,” something his wife has spoken about publicly.

Some accuse marijuana of being a “gateway drug,” however, Israeli cabinet proponents of cannabis said “no one died” because of the green herb.

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