Do Nova Scotians Smoke the Most Weed in Canada?

Statistics Canada on Monday released data to reveal more about Canadians’ marijuana habits ahead of the looming legalization.

The government agency said Canadians on average consume more than 20 grams of marijuana per person last year, with Nova Scotia leading Canada’s 10 provinces, averaging at 27.1 grams per person in 2017.

After Nova Scotia, British Columbia followed with 24.6 grams per person. Alberta was third place at 24.1 grams and Ontario ranked fourth at 21.0 grams.

Meanwhile, the majority of the remaining provinces were tightly clustered together, with people consuming between 18.3 grams and 21 grams in the remaining Maritime provinces, as well as in Manitoba and Quebec.

Marijuana was least used in Saskatchewan and the three territories, which averaged between 13.6 grams and 17.7 grams.

Out of Canada’s more than 36 million population, about 4.9 million Canadians used weed in 2017, spending an estimated $5.6 billion, the agency’s figures showed.

The spending figure is slightly less than the previously reported $5.7 billion in the agency’s January survey.

Canadian Exports

In 2017, Canada has exported more than $1 billion of marijuana, with British Columbia accounting for 59 percent of shipments abroad.

Meanwhile, the federal agency warned that it cited figures from incomplete surveys, given the difficulty tracking the illegal part of the market.