Fifteen Registered Doctors Can Prescribe Marijuana Oil Within Texas

Texas’ first medical marijuana dispensary will open in February.

On February 8th, 2018, the first Texas medical marijuana dispensary will be opened in North Texas, near Austin. The dispensary, Compassionate Cultivation, is scheduled to be the first of three dispensaries to open in the state. The other two companies received their licenses in 2017 under the Texas Compassionate Use Act.

Interestingly, there are only 15 doctors in the entire state that are legally allowed to prescribe medical marijuana oil to treat intractable epilepsy. Under the Act, the weakening condition is the only sickness which the oil can be prescribed for.

Texas intractable epilepsy marijuana oil doctors dispensary
Dr Michael Perry, Cook Children’s Medical Center

Doctor actively involved in the study of CBD

Dr. Michael Scott Perry, one of the prescribing doctors in the area, is the director of the Neurology department at Cook Children’s Medical Center. He is involved in closely examining the effectiveness associated with cannabidiol oil (CBD); and how safe it is to be used to treat patients with various illnesses.

The other prescribing doctor is Bishnu Sapkota. A board-certified neurologist with Lone Star Medical Group. Although Dr. Perry and Dr. Sapkota are currently the only prescribing doctors for CBD in North Texas, the list is scheduled to grow in the near future.

Dr. Perry stated that an Epilepsy Foundation meeting was held on Tuesday and many questions were posed regarding this. He believes many doctors are going to hold back from registering until more research is available.

“I came away with the immediate feeling that a lot of doctors are going to stay away from adding their named to the registry.”

Cook Children’s Medical Center understands that CBD is effective in treating seizures and is gaining acceptance in the medical field, but does not believe it should be seen as a miracle treatment.

Dr. Perry acknowledged that the plant has the ability to help patients, but he still believes further testing should be done, so they are not jumping to automatically use CBD as the medical solution.

“But we are rightly hesitant to put anything in a patient’s body that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and proven.”
Texas intractable epilepsy marijuana oil doctors dispensary

Only proven cases of intractable epilepsy will be approved

All patients with epilepsy would not be prescribed CBD. Intractable epilepsy means that other types of medication were prescribed but were not effective. CBD does offer patients with the sickness another option that has fewer side effects.

The assistant director of the Epilepsy Foundation, Shannon Robbins stated that this factor leaves out over 345,000 epilepsy patients within the stated.

Those who have been diagnosed with intractable epilepsy have to get there prescription from one of the 15 registered state doctors. The doctors are in the towns of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Weatherford, and Tyler.

The Texas Compassionate Use Act does have prescription requirements, once a registered doctor recommends CBD another registered doctor must approve it. Also, the prescription can only be filled at a registered dispensary, so until Compassionate Cultivation opens its doors on February 8th, all prescriptions are on hold.