Don’t Smoke Weed in National Parks

Don’t Smoke Weed in National Parks

The beauty and majesty that is the North American landscape attracts many people to national parks. From Yellowstone to Sequoia the American National Park Services draw over 330 million visitors annually to camp, fish and do whatever it is people do in national parks. That’s greater than the current population of the United States.

This tourism translates to 32 billion in revenue annually, a major source of funding for the federal government. For many camping and cannabis go hand in hand. However, due to the bizarre spiderweb that is American law enforcement, you could be locked up for smoking weed in National parks. This might even be true within states where marijuana is legal. It is, for this reason, that until weed becomes federally legal… It is wise to heed the advice, “don’t smoke weed in national parks”. Let’s examine how this issue came about.

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Beautiful Marijuana Buds
Though legal throughout 9 US states, Cannabis remains federally illegal (image via High Times)

Currently, 9 states have legalized recreational marijuana and 30 allow the plant for medicinal purposes.  The federal government under the Trump administration currently sees things differently. On the federal level, cannabis remains illegal, thus in a national park, you are subject to a different set of laws.Sintia Kawasaki-Lee, a public affairs officer for Sequoia National Park stated quite bluntly,

“Possession and use of marijuana is prohibited by federal law, and as a result is prohibited in national parks”

So if cannabis is not legally permitted in national parks, what sort of punishment could you face for toking up?

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Yogi Bear Smokes a Joint
Come on.. you’d smoke a joint with him

The most common repercussion for those who give in to the temptation to smoke weed with Yogi Bear is confiscation of their weed and a fine. A small amount of cannabis will yield a misdemeanor charge and $1000 fine.In some cases, you might face a brief incarceration as one Hawaii native discovered on a trip to Yellowstone. Gary Godina was pulled over by a park ranger who smelled marijuana emanating from his car. When asked if he had pot, an ignorant Godina confessed to having three grams in the car, believing there would be no repercussions. Hawaii has legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes and Gaudina uses the plant to treat his glaucoma.

Much to his surprise, he was taken to a holding cell in Montana where he spent the night. Gaudina would later plead guilty and received a $1000 fine.

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Donald Trump gives speech
President Donald Trump has recently promised an end to the federal ban on weed… However, his cabinet have had other ideas (image via Getty)

While the peculiar situation surrounding the national park system might trouble many outdoors enthusiasts there are grounds for optimism. In recent addresses to the public, President Trump has stated that he supports ending the blanket federal ban on cannabis.

This is congruent with his previous statements on the campaign trail in which he said that legalization of weed was a states rights issue. However, surrounded by a cabinet that is vehemently anti-cannabis, skepticism might be the most appropriate response.

By: Stefan Hosko
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