Edmonton Cannabis & Hemp Expo Doubles in Size, Enters 2nd Year

With no real marijuana in sight, the Edmonton Cannabis & Hemp Expo will enter its second year on April 28 and 29 and is expected to be double in size.

At the show, consumers, businesses, growers, retailers and other stakeholders will meet to discuss an industry that is soon be legalized in Canada nationwide.

The expo was launched for the first time in Alberta’s two main cities: Calgary and Edmonton last year, where about 16,000 to 20,000 people attended.

“The show took off last year and it’s become the biggest and most significant show of its kind,” says Sean Libin, vice-president of marketing with Canwest Productions, Canada’s largest independent trade show company.

“There are lots of people seeking answers and information.”

Libin says people are seeking “answers and clarify,” citing how different cities are imposing different marijuana regulations.

He said:

“We just had Calgary’s city council announced recently that they will ban the use of cannabis in public spaces, while other cities have been more relaxed.”

Kevin Blackburn, the managing partner with Canwest, said last year’s success “gave us a lot of momentum going into this year.”

“We’ve seen some other smaller players trying to capture some of that momentum, but none have been successful in creating a show on a scale of the Cannabis & Hemp Expo and that was evident earlier this month in Calgary where we had over 15,000 people through the doors,” he added.

Blackburn said attendees will have a “fantastic seminar lineup on all sorts of different topics of interest.”