Egyptians Lash Out at Man Making Horse Smoke Weed at Wedding

Egyptians Lash Out at Man Making Horse Smoke Weed at Wedding

“He must be tried!” one comment on YouTube said in Arabic, criticizing a man seen in a video forcing what appears to be a joint into the nostrils of a horse at an Egyptian wedding.

Another user echoed his sentiment, with another saying:

“He has no humanity.”

While the video was published on YouTube on March 29, 2016, it is still receiving flak from Egyptians on social media. Also, the entertainment news website of El-Bashayer Online reported the YouTube video on Sunday. On Saturday, another Egyptian website, Masrawy, shared the video.

In the video, the horse is seen trying to pull off from the man’s forceful attempt to get him high. But later when the horse trainer released the horse, the beautiful stallion is seen dancing by stepping and tapping with his two front legs on a chair, in a show performed for the attendees.

The video garnered about 115,293 views.

Marijuana in Egypt

Use of marijuana – medicinal or recreational – is illegal in Egypt. Also, large-scale smuggling of cannabis in Egypt could land its offenders death sentences.

However, Egypt, which has a population of almost 96 million, has weed part of its culture and its appearance in Egyptian movies is not odd.

But despite the illegality of cannabis, marijuana is still grown throughout the year in the country’s Sinai Peninsula and in Upper Egypt.

In 1994, seven million cannabis plants and 10.3 million opium plants were eradicated, part of the government’s anti-drugs push.