Elizabeth Warren : Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Policy Shift is “Incredibly Destructive”

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday for a marijuana policy shift. It’s not the first time she poked holes in his politics.

In a statement on Monday, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren took shots at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions eliminated the rules that allowed states to legalize marijuana without federal intervention. Warren called his policy shift,

“an incredibly destructive thing to do.”

This comes after Ron Paul described Sessions’ move as “unconstitutional.”

Since 2013, Warren served as a senior Senator for Massachusetts. Massachusetts legalized marijuana in 2016. The state is also currently in the process of creating rules to govern the new industry, with the first retail shops expected to open in July. Warren says states like Massachusetts are working on sensible rules to regulate marijuana. She added,

“Jeff Sessions has left it up to the individual U.S. attorneys, but that creates a whole new level of uncertainty that makes it much more difficult for a state like Massachusetts to be able to finish and implement rules…”

However, Sessions is creating confusion and uncertainty in Massachusetts.

Attorney Andrew Lelling said in a statement on Monday that he ‘‘cannot provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution.’’

‘Sessions Needs to be Fired’
Jeff Sessions Elizabeth Warren Marijuana Policy
Jeff Sessions – via CNN

In June 2017, Elizabeth Warren made her opinion clear on the political podcast, “The Axe Files.” In the candid interview, Warren states that she opposed Sessions for Attorney General. Warren’s interview backfired on her as she was sent away from the Senate. She was also not allowed to speak only after the vote.

Now she is allowed to talk, the Senator continued to blast sessions. She said,

“He needs to be fired. He needs to be taken out of that job. If you’re not going to be honest during your confirmation hearing, then you ought to be gone.”