WATCH: 300 Employees Evacuated After Fire in Cannabis Greenhouses in California

Around 300 employees were evacuated on Monday after flames blazed throughout several greenhouses used to cultivate marijuana in California.

The cannabis facility, owned by Greenfield’s largest employer, Loudpack Farms, was located at 900 Cherry Avenue. It housed approximately 300 workers, who had to be evacuated.

Luckily they were no reported injuries.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the licensed cultivation operation, which lost three large greenhouses to the fire on Monday, did not have fire suppression systems.

Witness Delia Gonzales said the marijuana growing operation in Greenfield “is up in smoke.”

To putt off the fire, the Central Coast Fire Service said three additional engines were needed to control the flames.

“The Greenfield Fire Department and Soledad Fire Department are on the scene of multiple greenhouse structures on fire at 900 Cherry Avenue in the City of Greenfield. The on-scene Incident Commander is now requesting three additional engines from Gonzales, CTF, and King City.”

An investigation is still undergoing to pinpoint the cause of the fire.