Ex-Player: NFL Allows Dangerous Prescription Drugs, Shuns Marijuana

Retired NFL player Eugene Monroe warns that the football league permits dangerous prescription drugs but refuses to allow marijuana use.

Monroe argues that marijuana does not have the same addictive nature as opioids, citing a study conducted by the University of Michigan.

The study explained that patients currently using medical marijuana for pain relief have been able to reduce the use of their prescription opioids.

He said the NFL should reduce the strict rules on marijuana use.

“The NFL needs to sort of look at what they’re doing a bit different – one, they’re prescribing drugs that are very dangerous.”

Monroe is a retired player for the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars for eight seasons. Since his retirement in 2016, Monroe has been an outspoken advocate for marijuana, continually challenging the NFL rules.

Monroe argues that medical cannabis needs to be approved by the NFL officials as a safe alternative to pain management.

He expresses his dislike for opioid addiction and the number of problems that it has caused.

“It’s more common than you think and unfortunately you hear about it in small spaces when a place with a big namesake has an issue and decides to come out and speak about it much later, but a lot of guys are suffering.”

Currently, the NFL restricts the use of marijuana and first-time players that test positive are automatically enrolled in a substance abuse program. Any player with multiple offenses could also be suspended.


Former players Derrick Morgan and Jake Plummer also support the issue.

Plummer debated how marijuana has had a positive effect on him. He wrote an op-ed for Sports Illustrated, explaining how cannabis helped him become “virtually pain-free” after enduring surgery for his football injuries.

Recently, the NFL has taken steps to relax its attitude towards the marijuana policy, especially because of the trend of legalizing marijuana.

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