Extracting H2O From Plant Junk? Canadian Startup to Process Cannabis Waste

Micron Waste Technologies Inc., a Vancouver-based startup company, says it will be providing a high-tech solution to process cannabis waste as Canada inches closer to a nationwide marijuana legalization.

Micron is currently developing aerobic digesters, which will be able to take food waste and extract clean water from it for an eventual reuse or disposal at the municipal sewer systems while leaving compostable biosolids behind, the Vancouver Sun reported on Tuesday.

Micron is already partnering up with major players in the cannabis industry in Canada.

In January, Vancouver-based Aurora Cannabis Inc., a major Canadian licensed producer of medical marijuana, completed its “strategic” investment in buying a stake in Micron for $2.3 million.

So far, Aurora will be installing one of Micron’s digester units at its production facility in Cremona, in southern Alberta, to fine-tune its process by breaking down the fibrous plant waste from cannabis.

“What we’re trying to say is that we have this technology, that we’re working with Aurora (on) to treat cannabis waste on site, make sure all the cannabis components are removed from the waste stream, and at the same time recycle water back into the system,” said Micron president Alfred Wong.

The Canadian industry is expected to produce about 6,000 tonnes a year of waste by 2020, Wong said.

With Aurora’s plans to expand in U.S. and Europe as the trend for cannabis legalization picks up steam, Health Canada expects sustainable use or erosion of plant waste.

Aurora will be receiving its first digester from Micron in hopes for full commercial production by late 2018, said Wong.