The Democratic Labour Party eyes to decriminalize marijuana in Barbados

A recently leaked document shows the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in Barbados wants to legalize small amount of marijuana for medical purposes. 

Ahead of Barbados 2018 general election, a copy of the DLP’s manifesto was leaked on Thursday to Barbados TODAY by opposition leader Mia Mottley.

The topic of marijuana is still very controversial in Barbados, although many, like the Rastafarians, endorse it.

In addition, many are tired of using prescription medication due to its side effects.

DLP Campaign Manager, Robert Bobby Morris, meanwhile, has confirmed that the information released is correct.

While DLP doesn’t elaborate on its plans to decriminalize marijuana in its manifesto, it sheds light on the intention of the party to allow possession of less than a minimum quantity of the green herb.

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite doesn’t believe the substance should be decriminalized until the matter has been thoroughly evaluated.

“I am not an advocate of the decriminalizing of small quantities because we do not know what we would be encouraging young people to put into their bodies.”

In the manifesto, the party has proposed many other improvements that they would like to implement, including changes in taxes.