Fake Cannabis Hurts 60 U.S. Soldiers, Marines; Kills Two

More than 60 soldiers and Marines have been treated for “serious medical issues” after taking synthetic or fake marijuana, the U.S. Army medical leaders said on Tuesday.

Officials said the 60 reported symptoms are associated with synthetic cannabinoids. These symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, dilated pupils, dizziness, disorientation, agitation, and seizures, Star News Online reported.

“Officials said complications from the seizures may have resulted in significant neurologic damage in one soldier and accidents resulting from seizures are blamed for the deaths of two Marines,” the daily reported.

Deaths Not At Hospital

While the majority of the service members were treated at a hospital in North Carolina, a spokeswoman from Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune said those deaths did not occur at the hospital.

So far, it is not clear where the two Marines were treated.

The overall cases happened over the course of a few weeks in emergency rooms at military bases in North Carolina and Utah.

Most of the hospitalized troops have been treated at the Naval Medical Center at Camp Lejeune, officials said. Nine of the suspected cases have been treated at Womack Army Medical Center on Fort Bragg.

Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett, assigned to the Marine Division, holds an Iraqi child in central Iraq in this March 2003. (File photo)
Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett, assigned to the Marine Division, holds an Iraqi child in central Iraq in this March 2003. (File photo)

Fake Marijuana

Fake marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids are a group of chemicals that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body, but they are different from the natural cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

Fake cannabis is sold over-the-counter as a “legal high.”

The U.S. Army Public Health Center also issued a public health alert.

Chanel S. Weaver, a spokeswoman for the center, said:

“We consider this emerging public health threat a top priority, and the Army Public Health Center continues to monitor this issue and provide updates as new information becomes available.”

Weaver added:

“Consumers must be extremely vigilant if they are going to use vaping oils and should seek medical attention immediately if they feel they are having an adverse reaction to one of these products.”

The U.S. Army does not permit soldiers access to real marijuana inhaled or eaten, making them resort to the synthetic type.

But soldiers are also prohibited from using synthetic cannabis, or any other substance similarly designed to mimic the effects of a controlled substance.

With alcohol too, the U.S. Army complete ban on alcohol is not always successful as soldiers always try to find ways to have access.

Not only ISIS is evil and deadly, but fake cannabis apparently kills. Beware!