Report: Fake marijuana kills one person in Maryland

Synthetic or fake marijuana strikes again in Maryland, a state where the recreational use of cannabis is illegal.

Maryland Poison Center said a person has died in connection with the use of fake marijuana, WBALTV reported on Thursday.

The center’s representative Bruce Anderson said the death took place a few weeks ago, adding that signs point to synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison.

On Wednesday, the center received information that there have been 30 cases, including one death, linked to an outbreak that was first reported on April 3.

Anderson said the outbreak appears to be slowing down, which could indicate that there is less in circulation. The last case was reported at the end of last week.

In a related story, a Livingston Correctional Facility Correction officer in New York was arrested Friday after he allegedly took bribes from an inmate, WHAM reported.

State Police said Raul Santiago, 38, was being paid by an inmate to bring synthetic marijuana, known as K2, into the Livingston Correctional Facility, a medium security prison in Sonyea, Livingston County.

Santiago, who worked overnights, was arrested as he reported for his shift on Friday.