How Alfie Dingley’s Family Petitioned the UK to Grant Son Medical Cannabis

The six-year-old British boy, Alfie Dingley, is finally able to legally use medical cannabis to treat his rare form of epilepsy.

In a petition directed at the British government, Alfie’s family garnered 370,000 signatures supporting the use of cannabis oil for their son.

Alfie Dingley with supporters in Westminster, London (Image via PA WIRE)

The medical use of cannabis is illegal in Britain despite the fact that in 2016 the UK was the biggest producer and exporter of legal marijuana worldwide.

His mother, Hannah Deacon told BBC that they were “getting a lot of platitudes” following the government’s delayed response to the family’s request to use cannabis oil. They said they understand, Deacon said but she explained:

“They don’t, they don’t live my life every day, they don’t live my son’s life every day. We want clear clarity.”
Alfie’s mom speaks to BBC.

Without the government “public” support none of this would be possible, she said, adding that she has a full-time home career while her husband is trying to put a “keep a roof above our head.”

“It is not our job to do this,” she said.

Alfie’s family found that cannabis oil works magic on symptoms during his treatment of epilepsy in Holland. With the treatment, he was able to reduce epileptic seizures, whom he used to experience up to 150 a month of these spams a month.

But upon his return from the Netherlands, Alfie had no process to access legal marijuana as it is illegal in his home country.

Alfie’s family lobbied the British government and their petition finally worked. The famous British actor Sir Patrick Stewart also has lent his full support to Alfie’s plight and for the legalization of marijuana in his home country.

Six-year-old Alfie Dingley and his father Drew Dingley with Sir Patrick Stewart in Westminster, London (Image via PA WIRE)

“How could one not support Alfie?” said Stewart.

Steward told BBC that Alfie’s case is “exceptional” and “very urgent.” The actor said he understands that the “wider uses” of marijuana has to be discussed but the Home Office must act quickly.

Patrick Stewart speaks to BBC.

The actor said he was registered for medical marijuana in California for over three years.

“I have found it immensely beneficial for my arthritis.”
Six-year-old Alfie Dingley, his sister Annie, parents Drew Dingley and Hannah Deacon and actor Sir Patrick Stewart (left) hand in a petition to Number 10 Downing Street asking for Alfie to be given medicinal cannabis to treat his epilepsy. (Image via PA WIRE)