Famous People Who Smoke Weed, Chelsea Handler Uses Cannabis

Famous People Who Smoke Weed, Chelsea Handler Uses Cannabis

Handler, a comedian, author, and activist, is known because her namesake TV talk shows and the Netflix documentary series “Chelsea Does”.

In addition to her successful showbiz career, Chelsea Handler uses cannabis. She is one of many famous people who smoke weed, who are comfortable sharing their recreational activities with the media. In the current climate where cannabis rights increasingly popular, this is becoming more and more prevalent.

Handler explained that marijuana made things more tolerable and easier after Trump was elected.

The comedian explained that her choice was between cannabis and alcohol, however, alcohol carried too high an odor and she already abuses it.

Handler started using cannabis again because it was becoming legal in the state of California. The state broadly legalized marijuana January 1, however, California was the first to legalize medicinal cannabis.

The comedian is scheduled to be in Vancouver at the Chan Centre on September 21st for A Civilized Conversation With Chelsea Handler.

The visit to Vancouver is part of a seven-city nationwide speaking tour, which is scheduled to conclude in Halifax on October 7. Handler explained that she looks forward to visiting Canada whenever she gets the opportunity.

“I’m looking for an excuse to come to Canada whenever I can. I’m working, I’m trying to create a life outside of my own country if you know what I mean. These are just fun nights of conversation about cannabis and stuff. love to talk about myself.”
Chelsea Handler Smokes weed

Derek Riedle, the publisher of Civilized, a cannabis media company, was looking for famous people who smoke weed, and Chelsea Handler was a good fit. He stated that Handler’s attitude attracted his company to her.

“We’ve long admired her honest and humorous approach to cannabis. It’s candor like hers that is helping remove some of the negative perceptions and stigmas that prevent the canna-curious from trying cannabis for the first time, or for the first time again.”
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Last June in St. John, New Brunswick, Handler did another tour with Civilized where she gave a keynote speech.

“I have introduced it to so many people in my life. I just think it is the way forward. It is a healthy alternative to alcohol especially for a woman over 40. You don’t get the hangovers. You can have a clean-living ethos. It has just changed my world, so I just wanted to do everything I can to get behind the movement.”

She added,

“Marijuana can be an additive to your life. It doesn’t have to ruin your life. You don’t have to be blotted, but it can be a substitute for so many bad things opioids that are out there that I just wanted to get involved.”

The comedian is looking to make an entrance into the political sphere. Currently, Handler is routing for women running for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate in the Nov. 6 midterm elections in the States. however, she intends to save her money and then later invest in the development of her own cannabis product production,

“I really wanted to take time to get behind female candidates, show up and be there and not just be somebody that sits around and complains about Donald Trump.”

Handler, like many others, believes that the key to success is reaching those who were believed to be unreachable. This is the first installment of our series on famous people who smoke weed. Let us know who you would like to see profiled next!

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