Final round of debate on the Cannabis Act to take place at the Canadian Senate

A final round of debate on the nationwide legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is set to take place in the Senate, the government representative in the Upper Chamber said on Wednesday. 

The debate comes following an exhaustive review that leveraged the expertise of five Senate committees, Sen. Peter Harder added.

Sen. Harder has also suggested longer sitting hours at the upper house to give senators more time to debate the bill to legalize marijuana before a final vote by June 7.

Senate leaders have already agreed to a third reading vote on the bill by June 7. The Cannabis Act arrived in the Senate in November.

On Monday, members of the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology approved many key changes to the Cannabis Act.

As part of its study, the committee took into consideration reports from four other committees tasked with zeroing in on particular elements of the bill.

Amendments to the bill at committee include allowing provinces to restrict or ban the growth of cannabis at home. The Senate as a whole will consider the committee report, ahead of the third reading.

The Canadian Press reported on Wednesday that MPs will burn the midnight oil for the next month as the federal government embarks on the perennial scramble to tie up legislative loose ends before Parliament breaks for the summer.

The Trudeau government has paved the way for the House of Commons to sit until midnight each day, except Fridays, starting tonight.

It invoked closure to end debate and force a vote later this evening on a motion to extend sitting hours.

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[Most of the article was copied from the Senate’s official page]