Florida Trafficking Arrest: Two Men Arrested on Weed Charges

Florida Trafficking Arrest: Two Barbadian Men were arrested in Florida Saturday in connection with a major drug bust.

Reports state that a member of the housekeeping staff of the Hyatt Place Hotel in Dania Beach detected a strange odor coming from one hotel room. The room was being occupied by the two Barbadians, Calvin Brathwaite, and Dyson Benskin.

The member of staff from the Broward County hotel notified management of the marijuana scent coming from the room.

After investigating the matter, hotel management discovered large quantities of sealed bags of marijuana on the floor and on a table.

The Broward County Sheriff was immediately contacted.

When Brathwaite and Benskin returned to the hotel and were later taken into custody, hence resulting in the Florida trafficking arrest.

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Their Lawyer’s Defence Strategy

Lawyer of the two men
The two men’s attorney has stated that a misunderstanding resulted in his clients being arrested (image via Dre1alliance

Queens Council Ralph Thorne, Brathwaite’s attorney, found that reports of the incident were strangely conflicting.

Thorne noted that the matter was a case of coincidence and the arrest of the two men was a mistake.

However, the affidavit states that both Benskin and Brathwaite admitted to receiving a telephone call from Barbados, instructing them to pick up the weed and deliver it to another person.

In response, Attorney Ralph Thorne stated that the men have not been charged with any offense and they have been released without any conditions.

“I have spoken to both young men who have given me the authority to issue a public statement to say that they are back in Barbados. They arrived back in Barbados on Tuesday and they suffered a bit of detention while investigations transpired in the United States.”

The attorney expanded on how the alleged mishap could have occurred.

“I know you would be curious as to what else has transpired, and I should tell you that in all fairness that they happened to be in a room adjoining another room in which the contraband was located. It is really a terrible coincidence and a terrible error if one wants to put it as that. The error being that they were detained because they happened to be in a room next door to a room that contained cannabis, I believe. My information is that other persons were detained they don’t know what has happened to those persons.”

It has been queried whether Brathwaite or Benskin will be allowed to return to the USA, but Throne stated he did not believe they would be admitted into the country.

“I do not believe so. I would have to inquire further about that, but I do not believe that they are going to go back to the United States.”

When asked about the arrest statement, Thorne stated that if the initial report was correct and the arrest affidavit was true, it would show clear evidence of possession and neither Braithwaite nor Benskin would be released.

It is unclear what will occur, and how severely the charges the two men receive will be. For more updates on the case stay tuned to the Puff Puff Post.

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