Florida Cancer Patient, 77, Files Legal Case To Grow His Own Marijuana

The 77-year-old Joe Redner from Florida is a lung cancer patient and is desperate to grow his own marijuana plants legally.

On Wednesday, Redner, also a club owner, filed a legal case against the Florida Department of Health in a Tallahassee courtroom, urging them to see that it is his constitutional right to grow his own marijuana plants

“We made our presentation and then the department had about 13 minutes of gobbledygook,” Redner said of the short trial during a phone interview with the Tampa Bay Times Wednesday.

“I feel confident that the case is for us, not against us.”

Redner has already registered as a medical marijuana patient in Florida, and he used cannabis products to treat conditions related to his stage-four lung cancer.

But he filed the lawsuit last summer after Florida lawmakers issued new laws governing the growing, manufacturing and selling of medical marijuana.

Redner’s lawsuit says the state of Florida is not reflecting the will of the people, who overwhelmingly voted in 2016 for a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana.

Redner is also pushing through his case after a judge in January denied a motion by the Florida Department of Health to dismiss his case. The judge also denied his motion for an emergency temporary injunction to allow him to grow marijuana plants during the court process.

In Florida, lawmakers have limited the selling and growing of marijuana to 13 companies.