Not a fish! Fisherman in Florida catches a large brick of marijuana

US fisherman Jorge Bustamante hauled in a large brick of marijuana while fishing for mahi-mahi and kingfish of the coast of Pompano Beach, Florida

Bustamante said he was out fishing with his parents on Monday when he saw the foreign object floating in the water.

His unusual 2-pound “catch” has been dubbed the “Square Grouper” by South Floridians.

The source of the marijuana remains unknown currently.

Instead of returning the weed to the sea, Bustamante contacted the Coast Guard and turned the marijuana over to the agency.

Although medical marijuana is allowed in Florida, recreational is still illegal.

Bustamante joked that the marijuana was an early birthday present for Pablo Escobar.

“Got an early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar.”

Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist. His net worth was $30 billion when he died in 1993.