Florida’s Attorney John Morgan pushes for a ballot to legalize recreational pot

Florida’s Attorney John Morgan, who pushed for constitutional amendments to strike down a ban on smokable marijuana, is lobbying for a referendum to legalize recreational cannabis in his state.

Florida’s Attorney John Morgan on Tuesday announced he would lead a referendum to ask voters in 2020 to legalize recreational marijuana.

In an email to the Orlando Sentinel, Morgan from Orlando said he believed such a constitutional amendment “would pass overwhelmingly. And I believe in light of President Trump’s position, America is ready and willing.”

In early June, President Donald Trump said he was inclined to back a bipartisan congressional effort to end the federal ban on marijuana. There has long been an issue between the federal government and states that have already legalized marijuana.

This week Oklahoma became the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana. There are other nine US states where recreational cannabis is legal.

The impactful Morgan, who is also working on a 2020 ballot that would raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15, unleashed a series of tweets to grander more support to legalize recreational cannabis.

On Tuesday, he wrote on Twitter that he’s looking at starting a fund to take donations.

“When you mess with the will of the people there are unintended consequences!!” he said, continuing “The cannabis industry is well funded now. Money won’t be a problem. #ForThePeople.”

On Thursday, he wrote: “RETWEET if you support the full legalization of marijuana in Florida!”

‘Somebody like John Morgan’

Ben Pollara, executive director of the marijuana advocacy group Florida for Care, told the Miami New Times on Wednesday that “to get something on the ballot requires a $3 million to $5 million effort, which is almost impossible in the absence of somebody like John Morgan.”

“Until yesterday, John had said privately and publicly that he was all for this but that this was not gonna be his fight,” Pollara said. “And then yesterday he decided to make it his fight.”

“The history of John Morgan saying he’s going to get something on the ballot and that thing getting on the ballot is pretty good,” he added. “He’s two-for-two… If John says he’s gonna do this and he gets serious about it, it’s gonna get done.”

So far, Morgan’s drive to add raising the minimum wage to the ballot already has 100,000 signatures.